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What do you get when you combine Awareness and Accountability? 

Awareity is a privately held organization founded by Rick Shaw.  Shaw founded Awareity because there were too many dangerous gaps in awareness, too many expensive gaps in accountability and a lack of solutions for eliminating gaps and connecting all the right dots.

Organizations of all types and sizes are struggling to maintain ongoing awareness and accountability at the individual level.  At the root of nearly every tragedy, fine, lawsuit, negative headline, information breach, mistake, etc. we see gaps in employee awareness, student awareness, board awareness, etc.  A plan existed, but wasn’t used.  A process existed, but was severely outdated.  A policy existed, but no one read it and/or understood it.  We had training on that…but it was nearly a year ago.  Someone was aware of suspicious and concerning behaviors, but wasn’t sure who to tell.  This continued lack of awareness and a failure to hold employees, students and other appropriate individuals accountable leads to lots of confusion, too many errors and way too many tragedies. 

Awareity is leading the way in developing innovative, proven and award-winning solutions – delivering impressive results and real-time and real-world evidence clearly showing how the right tools can make a positive difference. 

A primary passion of Shaw’s is the safety and security of children.  With so many children’s education and lives being ruined by bullying and lives taken by mindless violence and suicide, Awareity dedicates a large segment of their resources to student safety and equipping schools to prevent these preventable incidents and tragedies. 

One child’s life lost is one too many. 

Awareness and Accountability
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