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Turpin School









Bradley County

New Hampton







Diocese of Toledo


District Administration

Tulsa Athletics

Tulsa Athletics



eSchool Award

TIPS Connects Yuma County Anti-Bullying and Violence Prevention Task Force
June 2014


Turpin School Focuses on Student Safety and Prevention with TIPS
May 2014


Awareity CEO Selected as Chair at the Pan-Pacific Conference
May 2014

St. Peter's Lutheran School Keeping Students Safe with TIPS
February 2014


Logan-Rogersville Takes Advantage of New TIPS Platform to Improve School Safety
January 2014


Ankeny Community Schools Incorporate Cutting Edge Bullying Prevention and Student Safety Tools in Iowa
December 2013


Identifying Concerning Behaviors Key to Campus Safety at Lipscomb University
December 2013


Security Awareness Training Not Forgotten at Virginia's Board of Accountancy
November 2013


Bradley County Schools Launch TIPS Safety Platform
November 2013


Opening the Lines of Communication for Employees at New Hampton School
October 2013



Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Implements MOAT for Improved Risk Management
August 2013



Germanna Community College Focuses on Safety and Prevention with TIPS
April 2013

Macklin School Launches Awareity's TIPS to Improve Student Safety and Incident Management
March 2013

Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission Launches MOAT for Security Awareness
February 2013

City of Fredericksburg Implements MOAT for Improved Risk and Policy Management
February 2013

Homer Community Schools Implements Anonymous Reporting Prevention Platform for Student Safety
January 2013

Diocese of Toledo Implements Anonymous Reporting System to Ensure Safe Learning Environment
January 2013

Grand Canyon University Launches Anonymous Reporting and Clery Act Compliance Tool
January 2013


TIPS Named a District Administration Magazine 2012 Readers' Choice Top 100 Product
December 2012

Freehold Borough School District Implements Anonymous Reporting System to Ensure Safe Learning Environment
October 2012

Tulsa Public Schools Utilizes TIPS to Improve Althetic Department Compliance Efforts

October 2012

TIPS Centralized Risk Management/Incident Reporting Tool Enhances Campus Safety for Rappahannock
October 2012

Oklahoma City Public Schools Launches Anonymous Incident Reporting System
August 2012

Awareity's TIPS Receives Recognition for Reader's Choice Awards from eSchool Media
July 2012

Thomas Nelson Community College

Thomas Nelson Community College Launches Online Incident Reporting Tool to Enhance Campus Safety

May 2012
Becker College

Becker College Implements MOAT to Improve Policy Management and Compliance

May 2012
Virginia Community College System

Virginia Community College System Uses TIPS for Incident Reporting and Management

April 2012
Business Insurance Innovation Award

Awareity Recognized by Computerworld as 2012 Honors Laureate

March 2012
Business Insurance Innovation Award

Scottsbluff Public Schools Utilizing TIPS to Prevent Alarming Trends in School Safety

March 2012

TIPS Receives 2012 Innovation Award from Business Insurance

March 2012

Innovation Award Feature Article

Youth Cyber Safety Conference

Awareity CEO Presenting Bullying/Cyberbullying Prevention Strategies at Youth Cyber Safety Conference

February 2012

Webinar on New OSHA Workplace Violence Directive

January 2012
Tulsa Public Schools

Tulsa Public Schools Features/Video Coverage

Channel 6 - Combatting Bullying
KRJH - New Anti-Bullying Program
KTUL - Online Bullying Prevention

Tulsa Public Schools

Tulsa Public School Launches New Anti-Bullying Program - Awareity's TIPS

December 2011
Norfolk State University

Norfolk State University Improves Campus-wide Efficiencies with Awareity's Enhanced MOAT

November 2011
Bentley University

Nebraska Regional Interoperable Network (NRIN) Uses MOAT to Improve Information Sharing & Accountability

November 2011
2011 Risk Innovator

Awareity CEO Rick Shaw Named 2011 Risk Innovator!

September 2011 Responds to Alarming Trends Affecting Whistleblowers

August 2011
Bentley University

Awareity Announces Back-To-School Contest
Win a Free TIPS Implementation for Your School!

August 2011
Messiah Lutheran Logo

Messiah Lutheran Schools Implements Awareity's TIPS to Improve School Safety and Bullying Prevention

August 2011
Bentley University

Awareity and IROC2 Form Strategic Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention Partnership

August 2011
Bentley University

Rehab Associates of Central Virginia Reduces Privacy and Compliance Costs with MOAT

February 2011
Norfolk State University

Norfolk State University Streamlines Mounting Obligations and Reduces Costs with MOAT

January 2011
Bentley University

Bentley University Improves Compliance and Awareness with MOAT

November 2010

Longwood University Upgrades to Awareity’s Enhanced MOAT Service

Longwood University
October 2010
NaBITA Conferece

Awareity CEO Addressing Campus Safety and Threat Assessment Teams at 2010 NaBITA Conference

October 2010

Awareity Offers Free TIPS Trial for National Bullying Prevention Month!

October 2010
Clery Act

Awareity's Releases Incident Management Tools for Clery Act Reporting

August 2010
NASRO Conference

Awareity CEO Selected as School Safety Trainer for NASRO's 20th Annual Conference

August 2010

Awareity's TIPS Released
Helping Bullying Victims, Parents and Bystanders Become Heroes

July 2010

Awareity Launches Redesigned Website and Lessons Learned Blog

July 2010

Awareity CEO Addressing Campus Safety at Campus Technology's 2010 Conference

July 2010

SISFI's 201 Anti-Bullying Conference Selects Awareity's CEO as Guest Speaker

May 2010

Awareity CEO Selected as Presenter for EduComm

May 2010

Norfolk Sheriff’s Office –
Reducing Accreditation Costs and Improving Accountability

January 2010

Radford University Improves Security Awareness with MOAT

September 2009

Art and Science of Security Risk Assessment - Ira Somerson
Contributing Author - Awareity's Rick Shaw

ASIS Book of the Month - April 2009

Awareity’s Rick Shaw - How to Conduct State Mandated Terrorism Training

VCCS Spring Conference (June 4-5 2009)
MOAT Featured as Cornhusker Bank's SaaS Solution
Bank News - March 2009
Awareity’s Rick Shaw - speaker for Information Assurance track

infotec 2009 - Omaha, NE (April 2009)
Awareity’s Rick Shaw and Katie Weaver - speakers for Nebraska Schools of Banking
2009 Banking Operations School - Topeka, KS (May 2009)
2009 School of Banking Fundamentals - Grand Island , NE (April 2009)
Visit Awareity at the Nebraska Infrastructure Protection Conference!
NIPC - Kearney, NE (March 26-27, 2009)
"Going Green"...The Awareity Way
(June 2008)
Awareity Introduces Intelligent Templates
(May 2008)
Awareity’s Rick Shaw - speaker for Nebraska Schools of Banking
2008 Banking Operations School - Grand Island (May 2008)
2008 School of Banking Fundamentals - Topeka, KS (April 2008)
Awareity’s Rick Shaw - speaker forTwin Cities ARMA Spring Conference
Twin Cities ARMA 2008 Spring Conference (May 2007)
Awareity - Implementing and Building Trust with MOAT
(February 2008)
Awareity’s Rick Shaw - speaker for "Human Factors-Much More Than Having a BC Plan"
ACP-OC Chapter Meeting - Garden Grove, CA (January 2008)
See our Ad in Homeland Defense Journal

(September 2007)

Awareity’s Rick Shaw - speaker for “Facilities, Business & Finance and Safety & Security"

VCCS Administrative Services Conference- Staaunton, VA (October 2007)
Awareity Introduces its Strategic Alliance Program
(August 2007)

Awareity’s Rick Shaw - speaker for “Awareness & Accountability at the Individual Level”

Managing Today’s Threats to Homeland Security (CBRNE) - Washington, DC (June 2007)
Awareity’s Rick Shaw - speaker for “Bank Security & Business Continuity Planning"

2007 Banking Operations School - Lawrence, KS (May 2007)
Awareity’s Rick Shaw - speaker for “Security in a Technological Age”

2007 School of Banking Fundamentals - Grand Island, NE (April 2007)
Awareity’s Rick Shaw - speaker for Human Factors track

infotec 2007 - Omaha, NE (April 2007)
MOAT - Featured Tool in Hacking for Dummies, 2nd Edition

(October 2006)
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Report: Nearly half of students have seen bullying on the bus
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With Vigilance, much workplace violence preventable, experts say

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Concerning Behaviors Key to Campus Safety at Lipscomb University

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Threat Reporting Made Easy

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Schools Adopt System for Reporting Concerns

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Clery Report Details Safety on Thomas Nelson Campuses

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How Everyone Can Make a Difference and Stop Violence

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Navy Yard Massacre Highlights Difficult Balance Between Safety and Privacy

NLECTC's School Safety Info:
Anonymous Reporting and Prevention Platform Helps Stop Trouble Before It Starts

Procurement Insights:
Big data, Predictive models and a Hit TV show

Should You Bullet Proof Your Kids Before Sending Them Back to School?

Workplace Violence News:
Virginia Community Colleges Leading the Way in Threat Assessment

Cleveland Daily Banner:
Bradley County Launches TIPS Safety Program

US News and World Report:
Signs Your Teen is a Victim of Cyberbullying

Security Director News:
Community College Deploys Incident Reporting Platform

Tech and Learning:
Nebraska School Launches Incident Management and Prevention Platform

Homer Community School Implements Prevention Platform

Today's Campus:

Lincoln Journal Star: New Directions
Awards and Recognition for Local Companies

Business Insurance:
Informed Risk Management is Key to Curbing Violence

School Transportation News:
Student Safety: Preventing Evil or Reacting to Evil at the Front Door?

eCampus News:
Civil Liberties Group Questions Anonymous Reporting Tool

Campus Safety Magazine:
Anonymous Reporting Keeps Kids Safe

New Jersey School District Adds Incident Reporting Tool to Comply with Anti-Bullying Law

School Transportation News:
Oklahoma City Public Schools Implements Phone Number to Report Bullying on School Buses

Sears TEAM UP Campaign:
Empowering Stories for Educators

Police Chief Magazine:
Thomas Nelson Community College Launches Online Incident Reporting System with Awareity

American School and University:
Bullying Prevention and School Safety

Huffington Post:
Bullying: It Begins on the Bus

The Oklahoman:
Oklahoma City Public Schools bully hotline lets community 'stand for the silent'

Business Insurance:
Oklahoma City school district launches system to report bullying

Campus Technology:
Virginia Community Colleges Implement Incident Reporting Platform

Campus Technology:
Massachusetts College Moves to Hosted Risk Management Platform

School Transportation News:
School Districts Minimize Safety Risks with Proper Insurance, Training

School Transportation News:
TIPS Web-based Platform Garners 4 Awards in its First Year

California State University Fails to Protect Whistleblowers Who Report Fraud

Online Threat and Incident Reporting Aims to Increase School Safety

Education News:
Awareity: Bullying Prevention Strategies

EduTalk Radio:
Interview w/ Reese House LGBTQIA Educator of the Year Tenna Whitsel

School Planning and Management:
TIPS - Anti-Bullying Program

Education News:
Anti-Bullying Program Launched by Tulsa Public Schools

Star Herald:
TIPS Being Accepted by SPS Students, Parents, Public

Today's Campus:
Bullying on College Campuses: A Blind Eye Might Land You in Court

SHRM Business Leadership:
Lessons from Penn State Scandal

Student Affairs eNews:
Awareity - Proactively Identifying At-Risk Individuals on Campus

Employees Trust that feedback they give anonymously stays anonymous

USA Today College:
Lessons from Virginia Tech: A renewed focus on campus safety

How Can HR Help Guard Against Data Breach?

Prevention Link:
Incident Management and Documentation Lacking in Bullying Prevention

Top 5 mistakes schools make when assembling data on bullying

Medical Office Today:
Data Security: Protecting Against Insider Threats

Processor Magazine:
EHR and Meaningful Use Requirements

University Business:
Mitigating risks involving campus violence, bullying and harassment

It's Your Biz:
How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Criminals

Dianne Dennis Show:
School Safety and Bullying Prevention

ShoeString Venture:
The Development of Awareity's Visionary Tools

USA Today:
Universities Seek Aid to Track Troubled Behavior

ATAP Great Plains Chapter Newsletter
Missed Opportunities with Red Flags and Warning Signs

Pursuit of Success:
Interview with CEO, Rick Shaw

Business Info Guide:
Awareness, Accountability and Measurability

Personal Safety Group:
Identifying Red Flags

Devon Fleming:
Committing to Kindness: Reducing Bullying in Schools

E.G. Sebastian - BlogTalk Radio:
Utilizing the Wired World Better than the Bullies

ATAP National News:
Is Your Incident Reporting System Putting Your Organization at Risk?

Campus Technology:
Bentley U Implements Award-Winning Policy Review Service

VITA Service Bulletin:
Greatest Hits of 2010: VA Agencies Improve Compliance with MOAT

SCCE Compliance and Ethics Professional
Ten Reasons Your Compliance Program is Outdated

Campus Technology:
Awareity's TIPS Service Helping Colleges with Clery Act Reporting

The Household CEO:
Deliberate Indifference

BCP News:
Red Flags, Threat Assessments and Connecting the Dots

Education Tech News:
7 Ways to Reduce Online Dangers

Psychology Today:
Connecting the Dots: Information Sharing to Prevent Violence

University Business Newsletter:
Radford University Improves Security Awareness with MOAT

Norfolk Sheriffs Office Reducing Accreditation Costs

School Safety and Security Alert:
Communication Problems: Using Technology to Close the Gaps

Compliance Authority:
Regulatory Compliance Costs are Escalating

The Rising Costs of Deliberate Indifference

What is a Failure to Implement?

Employee Suggestion Programs Under-Utilized

Processor Magazine:
Stop Network Data Congestion

Cloud Computing:
PCI-DSS Compliance in the Cloud

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