Gap Check

Are you exposed to the Gapidemic?

Have you ever wondered if you had all your "bases covered" (gaps, silos, disconnects, etc.)? Let us help you review your current gaps and determine if you are exposed to the Gapidemic.

From the check, you'll learn:

  • What collection points are important when collecting warning signs to stop incidents and tragedies from happening
  • Why awareness gaps can be the most dangerous for your community and organization
  • What departments may be missing from your Multi-Disciplinary Threat Assessment Team (MTAT)
  • Which Federal and State level standards or regulations may apply to your organziation

Get an instant Gap Check now by filling out the information below and see what other reports you may qualify for!

Gap Check

Fill out the information below and get some immediate feedback on your Gaps and see if your organization is exposed to the Gapidemic!

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