As good as Tiger Woods is at golf, even Tiger could not take 8 months off and then perform at the level he needed to be successful and win this past week’s tournament.

So here’s a question…

Why in the world would management think their employees can make winning decisions for their organization if they have training every twelve months??

While Tiger’s results help, the results we are seeing in the headlines today (fines, breaches, lawsuits, losses, layoffs, etc.) clearly show that organizations are not proactively training and preparing their people (management, employees, contractor, partners, vendors, etc.) to win.

An organization’s success and ability to win have a lot in common with winning at golf including:

  • Practice is the key to success in golf and business
  • Using the right tools (clubs) in different situations is the key to better results
  • 18 holes of golf today is not the same as 18 holes of golf tomorrow
  • You need to practice all types of “decisions/shots” to be ready for your round
  • A caddy with good “course knowledge” can make all the difference


 If organizations want to win, they must become “the caddy with customized knowledge” and help all personnel to be better prepared with proactive training to ensure better knowledge and more repetition to ensure better decisions as situations and challenges change from “shot-to-shot”.