Abuse Recovery and Re-establishing Trust for Dioceses

You may not have heard of Awareity…

But we are passionate about child safety and we’re helping dioceses and archdioceses across the country make their children, their adults, and their community safer.

We specialize in helping organizations and communities of all types to recover from incidents of abuse, violence, and other tragedies. Not only that, we also help organizations and communities to intervene, disrupt, and prevent these and other types of incidents and tragedies in the future.

The Vatican held a Summit in February 2019 with the goal of ensuring that bishops “clearly understand what they need to do to prevent and combat the worldwide problem of the sexual abuse of minors.” – Vatican

“Everyone’s awareness increases that abuses need to be reported to the competent authorities, and for the need to cooperate with them in prevention and counteraction activities.” – Pope Francis

So, how exactly do we help a diocese to recover from these incidents and prevent future incidents in order to re-establish trust?

It starts with having the right tools…

Awareity’s award-winning Platform was developed to connect the dots and eliminate the gaps and silos caused by conventional incident management and reporting solutions. Some of these tools include:

Documentation Tools

  • To ensure all investigative and intervention actions are documented and secure
  • To securely share your most recent safety plans, best practices, and other important documents

Communication & Collaboration Tools

  • Confidential and real anonymous incident reporting
  • Collaboration tools to safely and securely share information during investigations and assessments
  • Synchronize need-to-know data with your Victim Assistance Coordinator
  • Confidential communications with individual office heads and school leaders
  • Secure and confidential information sharing with other dioceses when needed
  • Secure reminders for actions, tasks, and anniversary dates to increase accountability

Finally, Data & Review Tools

  • Internal tools for internal Review boards on Sexual Abuse allegation reports
  • Data reports for easy audit completion

Awareity provides your team, your diocese, and your community with the right tools to recover plus intervene, disrupt, and prevent incidents before they occur so you can re-establish trust. Post-event reports make it clear more than enough warning signs and pre-incident indicators are almost always observed before incidents and tragedies… but not having the right tools leaves everyone more vulnerable.

Isn’t it time for your diocese to be a leader and have the right tools?