Comprehensive Tools for Threat Assessment Teams

Surgical Teams need the right tools.
SWAT Teams need the right tools.
Football Teams need the right tools.

Threat Assessment Teams need the right tools too.

A long history of tragedies, as well as daily headlines, expose dangerous gaps and mounting challenges that organization-wide and community-wide Threat Assessment Teams are facing because they don’t have the right tools.

How many more innocent lives must be lost and ruined before Organizational Leaders and Community Leaders take the critical and proactive actions needed to get the right tools, software, and training in place for organization-wide and community-wide Threat Assessment Teams to be effective?

Post-event reports and evidence reveal, in hundreds and hundreds of disruptive incidents and tragedies, that more than enough dots and pieces of the puzzle were observed BEFORE the incident occurred, but preventions failed because the dots and pieces of the puzzle were scattered across silos and were not collected, shared, assessed, connected, and the right actions not taken because Threat Assessment Teams do not have the right tools.

Watch the 3-minute video below to learn more.

What if…your Threat Assessment Team was equipped with the comprehensive set of tools to collect, assess, and connect the dots BEFORE an incident or tragedy?

Awareity’s unique and proven set of threat assessment tools and threat management tools does a lot of the heavy lifting for you by automatically connecting reports to the correct Threat Assessment Team members automatically. Once a report is received the comprehensive set of tools empowers team members to take action and manage preventive intelligence with enhanced incident management features, team management features, checks and balances, behavioral assessment tools, threat assessment team training, preventive analytics, historical data, secure sharing, and so much more.

To get not only the best results but the right results, Threat Assessment Teams need the right tools, software, and training. Are you ready to give them the tools they need? Fill out the form to the right or contact Awareity today!

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Client Quotes

“The TIPS anonymous and discreet reporting system has received quite a number of things reported through the system that have saved young people’s lives and in other instances helped young people who were struggling. The system has paid for itself multiple times over.”

– Awareity Education Client

“The collaboration of the many people involved in this process has already proven that when information is obtained and acted upon – great things can happen.”

– Awareity Community Client