Pre-Incident Prevention Test and Comprehensive Assessment

Pre-Incident Prevention is preferred by almost everyone because it is safer and costs a lot less than Incident Response and Post-Incident Recovery costs.

Pre-Incident Prevention saves lives, futures, reputations, bottom lines, potentially millions of dollars in lawsuits, and numerous other unwanted and costly consequences.

Preventing more incidents, tragedies, and lawsuits is possible. Pre-Incident Prevention is possible because years and years of lessons learned, National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) reports, and 20+ years of research by Rick Shaw validate Pre-Incident Indicators almost always existed and when collected and connected could be acted on before the incident or tragedy occurred.

Using the groundbreaking Pre-Incident Prevention Test (below) after an incident, tragedy, or lawsuit is the simple and best way to expose the existence of dangerous gaps, silos, disconnects, and blind spots that need your immediate attention and what is critically missing in your organization and community.

The game-changing Pre-Incident Prevention Assessment is a comprehensive assessment that helps you see the bigger picture with common gaps, silos, disconnects and blind spots in your organization and community.  The comprehensive Pre-Incident Prevention Assessment will reveal the dangerous blind spots in your organization and community so you can take immediate actions to equip and empower people in your organization and community to collect and connect the dots and prevent more incidents.

The Pre-Incident Prevention Assessment includes:

  • Evidence-based and research-based questions to identify your specific areas of need so that your organization’s and/or community’s decision makers will have an unbiased and objective analysis to help them with creating an environment of First Preventers and Pre-Incident Prevention.
  • Questions are based on the data-driven 6 Stages of Preventing; a proven model utilized by early adopter organizations and communities to intervene and disrupt at-risk individuals before they escalate to incidents and tragedies.
  • A full review of your organization’s or community’s responses to the Pre-Incident Prevention Assessment questions by a team of Pre-Incident Prevention Specialists who assess what the answers really mean for your organization and/or community.
  • A review with Executive Leadership to review and explain the findings so your organization and community can start preventing more incidents and tragedies.

Are you ready to start preventing more incidents before they occur rather than responding to more incidents and all the costly consequences of recovering from incidents?

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Remember, Return on Prevention is HUGE even when you prevent ONE INCIDENT that saves lives, saves futures, saves your reputation, saves your bottom line, and saves you having to deal with lawsuits and media scrutiny.  Return on Prevention offers huge returns that will last a lifetime, however not acting can lead to a lifetime of Return on Regret.