Ongoing Awareness & Accountability Vault (AAV)

Are you looking to improve ongoing awareness within your organization? What about making sure your employees are compliant when audit time comes around? The Awareness & Accountability Vault (AAV) helps you do that and so much more!

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What is the Vault?

The Awareness and Accountability Vault (AAV) is a set of web-based tools within Awareity’s Community-wide Platform designed to improve the ongoing awareness of organizational policies, procedures, trainings, best practices, etc. – really any information you need your employees to be aware of – and you need to be able to show they not only read but understood.

Why is the Vault needed? Two words, Ongoing Awareness.

Because no one remembers everything they learned on that one day of annual training, the Vault provides a critically needed tool for the other 364 days after the annual training day.

Was there a recent password breach at a similar company? Take that article, attach it to your password policy to connect the dots to the real world and easily send it to all your employees and third-party service providers so they understand the importance of strong passwords.

Has your organization been hit with a phishing attack? Take a screenshot of the phishing email, put it in the Vault, write up the message about how this email shouldn’t be clicked because it’s fake and let the Platform send it out to all your employees automatically. Once it’s been sent you can easily pull reports on who has reviewed it and who hasn’t.

What else can the Vault do?

The Vault was designed to give schools, organizations, and communities the flexibility to complete many tasks as well as make things easier for managers, auditors, and other individuals in a leadership role. Not to mention your employees and community members, it’s a one-stop-shop!

  • HIPAA TrainingWhen can protected health information (PHI) be shared? HIPAA rules are always changing, the AAV allows administrators to easily assign updated and ongoing awareness training to personnel who have access to protected health information and ensure they understand their responsibilities for protecting it. It could save you millions of dollars in the long run!
  • FERPA TrainingDo you ever get asked, “Can I share this student’s information?” or “Who can I share my concerns about a student with?”. Compliance and legal obligations require all personnel with access to student records must go through awareness training for FERPA. The Vault allows managers to assign role-based training and ongoing awareness updates, ask customized and organization-specific questions and ensure all appropriate staff participates so you’re ready at audit time.
  • Policy, Procedural, and Plan Management – Are all your employees referring to the most up-to-date policies, procedures, and plans? Update policies as new versions become available to increase ongoing awareness and ensure all employees are notified of the update. Track acknowledgments and compliance in real-time without the paper mess and wasted time.
  • Virtual Staff Meetings & NotesDo you hate having so many meetings? Update employees daily or as needed without leaving your office and easily track every employee’s acknowledgment and compliance from your computer. Saves you time and money, it’s a win-win!
  • Crisis/Emergency PlansDo all employees know what they are personally required to do in an event of an emergency? The sad truth is that with the growing number of workplace incidents, they need to. Upload procedures in the Vault so everyone is prepared!

These are just 5 examples of what more the Vault can help you with and while the solutions are really endless, we have put together our top 25 uses in a handy guide.

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Awareity has several free training modules that can be uploaded into your Vault and customized to fit your organization’s needs. Contact us today to learn how to gain access to these award-winning Information Security Awareness Training, FERPA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS training modules.

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