Partners in Prevention for Integrators and Consultants

Your customers trust you with security, training, and consulting, now you can deliver even more value with Pre-Incident Prevention and Connecting the Dots solutions they are missing and critically need to deliver better safety. Ask your customers/prospects the following simple question, do you prefer preventing more incidents before they occur or responding to and recovering from more incidents? When they say prevent, let’s work together to help your customers/prospects get what they want and need to make their schools, colleges, workplaces, and communities safer.

Never before has the world needed – and wanted – next generation solutions that can help them with connecting the dots, which requires collecting, funneling, sharing, and assessing the dots before they can connect the dots and take appropriate and timely actions before incidents occur rather than after incidents occur. Together we can deliver what is wanted and needed.

Since 2012, Awareity has been working with early adopters to deliver more innovative, comprehensive, effective, efficient, and successful Pre-Incident Prevention (and post-incident analysis) solutions. Now you and your customers/prospects can benefit from forward looking solutions that are years ahead of the curve and proven to work.

Working together as Partners-in-Prevention, we can help prevent more incidents and tragedies, let’s get started.

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