You may have seen the scary story reporting investigators were able to carry liquid bomb-making materials past security at 10 federal building in 10 cities.

Members of Congress blasted “disturbing” and “outrageous” security failures in the nation’s federal buildings.  According to the article, Sen. Joe Leiberman blamed the Federal Protective Service Security for failing to provide adequate security and proper training to its 13,000 security guards during a hearing earlier this week on Capitol Hill.

The GAO report found that he Federal Protective Service is not doing enough to make sure it’s 13,000 guards are qualified and trained for their jobs – and doing what they are required to do.  The GAO report also found that 73 percent of FPS guards lacked valid certifications.

Yet another example that lack of implementation can lead to embarrassing and expensive results.

MANAGERS need better IMPLEMENTATION TOOLS to implement Processes and Manage People on an ongoing basis.  General Training is not enough and not effective and not efficient.  General Training is only the first step and just having plans and procedures in a binder or on an intranet is not enough and provides little or no accountability and no awareness metrics for Managers to use.

Managers need implementation tools to meet multiple challenges, multiple obligations and multiple risks.