I have attended several threat management and risk management seminars this year, and it seems like many of the speakers and experts have fallen under the spell of “super-should-a-docious”.

Many of the speakers and experts continue to express “You should do this” and “Your people should do that” or “You should implement best practices” and “Your people should know this/that” and on and on.

And at the seminars and conferences I have been attending, I sense that attendees  are starting to get tired of the same old “should” dance and would rather hear about solutions that allow them to implement all the “shoulds”.  It’s like people are starting to say “Ok…I’ve heard and I even agree with all these “shoulds”, but now what?”

On Ground Hog’s Day this year, I wrote a blog called “Same Should Different Day” where I suggested you watch for the number of times you come across the same shoulds in headlines, webinars, conferences and regulations.  Have you been watching?

The bottom line is we have plenty of shoulds and too many speakers with “super-should-a-docious”.  What organizational leaders really need are solutions and “then whats” that actually empower them to solve problems and challenges, rather than here a should, there a should, every where a should should…