Awareity, a leading provider of incident management and prevention software platforms, has received a 2012 Innovation Award from Business Insurance, for TIPS (Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services).

Traditional front‐end incident reporting solutions are clearly not delivering the results organizations need. The TIPS platform delivers an innovative and comprehensive suite of tools, equipping risk managers, threat assessment teams, risk assessment teams, legal teams, audit teams, and school safety teams to take appropriate actions, securely communicate and share information, and document all investigation and intervention efforts to prevent incidents rather than react to incidents.

“Status quo approaches are expensive and they are not working. It is clear school and organizational leaders cannot prevent what they don’t know about. TIPS provides comprehensive tools to improve incident reporting, bullying prevention, student and workplace safety, violence prevention, compliance, legal due diligence and more,” said Rick Shaw, President and CEO of Awareity. “We’re proud of the TIPS recognition as an Innovation Award recipient, which reflects Awareity’s commitment to delivering superior risk management and prevention solutions to our clients.”

The TIPS platform is being utilized by college and K12 campuses, and Awareity is working closely with school leaders to identify changing needs of risk management, student safety, threat assessment and behavioral intervention teams and then developing innovative tools to meet their needs. The TIPS platform includes anonymous survey capabilities that help campuses better understand what types of concerns students, parents, faculty and staff have so proactive prevention actions can be taken.

In its first 2 months of implementation in a healthcare setting, TIPS helped reduce training, administrative, investigation and documentation costs by allowing employees from over 30 different locations to report incidents (suicides, threats to harm, fraud, ethical concerns, family issues, etc.) and securely share critical information with all appropriate team members and management staff. The TIPS platform is also being utilized by financial organizations to keep up with increasing cyber risks, regulatory mandates and customer expectations.

In its third year, the Business Insurance Innovation Awards recognize leadership, inventiveness and ingenuity in products and services designed for professional risk managers. An independent panel of judges, comprising of active risk management professionals, judged the entries on the basis of originality, relevance to risk managers, effectiveness, presentation and results achieved.

An awards luncheon honoring the 2012 winners and their innovative products and services was held Feb. 29, 2012, in New York City, and the winning products and services will be profiled in the March issue of Business Insurance.

Katie Weaver