We have studied hundreds and hundreds of failures, fines, lawsuits, tragedies and numerous other incidents that have occurred across multiple sectors and around the world.  In our studies, we have discovered some extraordinary details that nearly every failure, fine, lawsuit, tragedy, incident had in common:

  • Most incidents and consequences were preventable
  • Nearly every preventable failure, fine, lawsuit, tragedy, incident, etc. that was not prevented was due to gaps or disconnect in one or more of the following obligations:


Organizations and individuals did not do the right things and were not able to prevent expensive and embarrassing incidents because they:

Lacked the Right Tools

To get the Right Information

To the Right People

In the Right Places

At the Right Time

So all appropriate individuals could Do the Right Things

This blog is the first of a multi-part blog that will break down each step and share valuable details that we have learned and helpful information on “HOW” your organization can improve prevention and equip all appropriate individuals to do the right things.

If you have would like to see real-world examples of early adopters who are equipping their people to do the right things, please visit https://www.awareity.com/public/news.asp