Have we reached a tipping point…the point at which a series of incidents becomes significant and obvious enough to cause a larger, more important change?

Is this a national teachable moment…the time at which learning about a particular topic becomes obvious and easiest?

Call it what you want, but obviously now is the time for action to change the future for the better.

So how do you and I change the future for the better?

Lots and lots and lots of people SAY they want to change the future and many more will SAY they are a leader of positive change…however after years of people talking about bullying, hundreds of anti-bullying programs, thousands of bullying summits and conferences it is obvious that just TALKING about change will not actually change the future for the better.

And while researchers and self-proclaimed experts have spent decades researching behavior trends and giving lectures and keynotes, Ben Franklin knew all along that “well done is better than well said”.

And speaking of research, do we really need more research to know that lying and bullying is hurtful, not the right thing to do and will never lead to long-term greatness?  Clearly we don’t need more research, we need action and solutions.

For those who require evidence-based solutions, the evidence is overwhelming as consequences related to lying and bullying mount and evidence links suicides, targeted shooters, violence, depression, despair, financial ruin, fraud, ethics and many other dangerous and tragic consequences to liars and bullies.

The good news is there are evidence-based solutions delivering proven results in schools, colleges and other organizations too.

New born babies are not liars and bullies, so where do youth (and adults) learn to lie and to bully?  Youth and adults learn to lie and bully at home, at school, at work, online and they learn from role models such as top government officials, professional athletes, celebrities, journalists and others.

Unfortunately many parents, school administrators, government officials, professional athletes, celebrities, journalists and others are in denial mode when it comes to accepting accountability for their actions and refuse to assess their own behaviors and their own children’s behaviors.  Most people do not believe they are part of the problem, but have no problem blaming others!

Yet another dangerous disconnect is when people allow their emotions, their political opinions and their peers (in person and on social media) to control their thoughts, actions, emotions, opinions and behaviors.

Adults can change the future.  Youth can change the future too, but they need Adults like you and I to help them and show them how to make the future better.  Youth need role models they can trust and believe in and role models that do the right things because ultimately our youth want to achieve long-term greatness.

Will you continue to enable the liars and the bullies while talking about solutions?

Or are you ready to take action, lead by example, change the future for the better and achieve long-term greatness?

-Rick Shaw