Homer Community School is preparing to make a difference for their students and community

This small Nebraska school district is leading the way for rural schools by launching TIPS, a web‐based incident management and prevention platform from Awareity, Inc. No matter how big or how small, all schools face the same challenges (student safety, bullying, student achievement, legal, compliance, accreditations, etc.), mounting obligations and budget limitations. The key to effectively and proactively handling the constantly changing needs of students is to equip everyone with the right tools to do the right things.

Awareity’s TIPS is a secure and central risk management/prevention platform equipping all individuals with the right tools so they can do the right things and prevent harmful incidents. TIPS begins with anonymous (or non‐anonymous) incident reporting of bullying, cyber bullying, weapons possession, drug/alcohol use, harassment or intimidation, school vandalism, physical assault, threats of violence, suicide risk, abuse or neglect and other concerning behaviors that can have a negative impact on the learning environment.

If someone has information about activities that may warrant concern for the safety of students, faculty or staff, the individual can simply access TIPS from the school’s website and report the information. Next, proper personnel from Homer Community School are automatically notified and prevention efforts are securely tracked and documented to ensure accountability and legal defensibility, as well as ongoing monitoring of at‐risk situations.

“TIPS will help our school become more aware of student safety incidents and concerning behaviors within the community. When a report comes in through TIPS, administration can immediately investigate the incident and take the necessary steps towards intervention and proactive responding. This new reporting system will help to create a safer and more secure environment for all students and staff at Homer Community School,” said Leah Clark, School Psychologist.

The TIPS platform is being used in multiple school districts to identify, prevent and effectively intervene in threatening behaviors, while reducing costs for documentation and improving ongoing awareness and accountability. The most comprehensive incident management platform available today, TIPS has been implemented by a wide‐range of schools, including colleges, small K‐5 private schools, rural public schools and large public schools with over 40,000 students.

About Awareity:
Awareity helps leading organizations prevent the preventable and transform the status quo. Awareity is reinventing the way schools improve safety and helping organizations prevent regulatory failures, compliance fines, lawsuits, privacy breaches, safety disconnects, operational challenges, ethical lapses, incident reporting failures, workplace violence and more. Awareity offers an innovative and cost‐effective prevention platform to connect the dots, eliminate embarrassing gaps and realize a better bottom line.

Katie Johnson