Numerous surveys reveal:

  • 99.9% of people WANT a shooter to be prevented from arriving at their organization rather than responding to a shooter at their organization.
  • 99.9% of people WANT a terrorist to be prevented from attacking their organization rather than responding to a terrorist attack at their organization.

Evidence-based data and lessons learned reveal:

  • Hundreds and hundreds of acts of violence were preventable, but failed to be prevented.

More research from the “The Final Report and Findings of the Safe School Initiative” by the Secret Service found in over 80% of the shootings, other people knew about the attack before it took place.

The Final Report also found in over 90% of the attacks, there was evidence of the attacker’s concerning behavior prior to the attack and that the attacker had a plan or was preparing to harm the target(s).

So WHY are hundreds of preventable attacks NOT being prevented?

Evidence reveals there are two primary reasons:

  • 99.9% of organizations and communities invest 99.9% of the Safety/Security budget into First Responders (personnel), First Responder efforts (training, response plans, response drills, response tools, etc.) and Security products and Security Assessments for responding and defending against attacks
  • 99.9% of organizations and communities invest almost $0 and/or 0% of their Safety/Security budget into First Preventer efforts and Prevention Assessments.

Connecting the dots…

The results are overwhelming that organizations and communities will continue to fail at preventing incidents, shooters, attacks, and tragedies as long as their focus is almost entirely on First Responders, Responding, and Security (reactive products and assessments). The “COSTS” associated with RESPONDING are enormous – lost lives, millions of dollars in immediate responses, millions of dollars in ongoing recovery costs, ongoing trauma/PTSD challenges, lawsuits, reputation damages, and ongoing of questions about the safety of your environment.

If you would like to better understand what a proven and evidence-based First Preventer effort looks like, click here. If you are tired of all the prevention failures and you do not want your organization to be another failure and if you want to better understand how your organization or community can take actions and start preventing incidents and tragedies, you can take action today with a Prevention Assessment of your organization or community, click here for details.

(Because the First Preventer information is sensitive, the overview will not be posted online and will only be sent to a validated e-mail address from an organization or from law enforcement.)