You can’t prevent hackers and hacker threats, but you can prevent breaches like this!

When you fail to apply the latest patches to your Systems, and when you fail to update People about new threats…you create GAPS for hackers.

Hackers are like cockroaches… they only need one small GAP and they are in your Systems!

Applying System patches to eliminate vulnerabilities and GAPS is not that difficult, however, it takes discipline to make System patches a priority and it requires ongoing awareness to know when System patches are available to be applied. WannaCry is an expensive and embarrassing lesson learned (a global lesson learned) for CIOs and IT Professionals on what happens when System patches are NOT applied.

But System patches are not the only vulnerabilities and GAPS that hackers are using. Arguably the biggest and most common vulnerabilities and GAPS used by hackers to get inside your organization are all the PEOPLE (employees, contractors, vendors, third-party service providers, etc.) who have access to your “network and data”.

Applying “People patches” on an ongoing and timely basis is also required and must be a top priority.

Applying “People patches” (ongoing awareness, threat awareness, phishing/spear phishing awareness, situational awareness, risk awareness, policy awareness, role awareness, incident reporting awareness, etc.) is difficult and overwhelming (if not impossible) IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS.

WannaCry and numerous hacking reports continue to expose what hackers (cockroaches) love… most organizations only offer ONCE-A-YEAR training because they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS to deliver “People patches” on an ongoing and timely basis.

“Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought.” (The Art of War)

This quote is well documented and widely shared and this approach should be applied to your war with hackers and the war with terrorists. Loading up with security products that are designed to react when the battle is at your front door or inside your organization is flawed thinking and too late. The war is won before the battle, the war is won by eliminating vulnerabilities and GAPS that expose you and your organization to expensive and dangerous consequences.

Transformation! The best way to transform your organization from losing the war to winning the war is to have the RIGHT TOOLS to eliminate vulnerabilities and GAPS involving your Systems and People. To learn more and see the RIGHT TOOLS right now, check out this webinar called You vs. China, Russia, and the World.

All of these GAPS represent a Global Gapidemic and hackers (terrorists and other evil doers) know where your vulnerabilities and GAPS are… do you?

The Global Gapidemic is scary and expensive… have you performed a GAP Assessment? If interested in a GAP Assessment for your organization, click here.