I have seen multiple e-mail Subject Lines, Webinars, and articles eluding to a similar topic

“The easiest/best way to prepare for an active shooter incident…”

Is this really what your people in your organization or your community want?

Do your people really want to “prepare for an active shooter incident”?

I doubt it!  To see for yourself, ask your people the following question:

Would you rather prevent an active shooter or react to an active shooter?

I ask this question all the time when I speak and every time 100% of people raise their hand that they would rather prevent an active shooter… not prepare for a shooter.

Here’s a question:

Why wouldn’t you invest your time and resources on preparing to PREVENT an active shooter?

Now some of you may be thinking… I agree with you, but ARE active shooter attacks PREVENTABLE?

Yes, according to evidence-based data from post-incident reports, most were preventable.

I have invested over 10,000 thousand hours researching hundreds of incidents – shootings, violence, and other acts of evil – and in almost every post-incident report the evidence revealed there were pre-incident indicators, red flag warnings, concerning behaviors, suspicious activities, and/or social media leakage observed by one or more individuals BEFORE the incident occurred.

But, because you probably do not have time to invest 10,000 hours into researching hundreds of incidents, I recorded a video to summarize the findings and the evidence and I connected the dots for you… watch the video below or click here to see the full version  (or if you’re pressed for time, click here for the highlights).


The world has changed and continues to change, so organization and community leaders need to change too because falling behind puts you, your organization, your community, and your people at risk.

The world we live in today is different because the threats and acts of evil are different, evidence reveals the best way (and maybe the only way) to achieve different results is to utilize different solutions that eliminate the common and dangerous gaps in conventional approaches.

Are you willing to change and be different?

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