Incident Outcomes and Costs

Incident YearCosts (est.)SettledDirect victims (est.)Industry
EquifaxData Breach2017$242,700,0002018, ongoingAround 150,000,000Corporation
Anthem, Inc.HIPAA Violation, Cyber Attack2015$16,000,0002018almost 79 millionCorporate
Yahoo HackData Breach2014$35,000,00020183,000,000+Corporation
Home Depot Inc.Records & Waste DisposalOngoing$27,840,0002018UndiscolsedCorporation
Michigan State University (Larry Nassar)Physical assault, sexual assault1997-2016$500,000,0002018150+Higher Ed
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical CenterPhysical assault, Unsafe Work Conditions2013, 2014$10,000,00020187Healthcare
University of MontanaClery Act violation, underreporting crime stats2013-2016$966,6142018N/AHigher Ed
Woodland Hills School District (Pittsburgh, PA) Assault, Intimidation, and Filing false criminal charges2017$530,00020185K12
Wayne State UniversityFaulty crime reporting2013, 2014$127,0002018--Higher Ed
Baylor UniversitySexual Assault2012Reputation damage, undisclosed sum2017, ongoing--Higher Ed
Stanford UniversitySexual Assault2016Reputation damage2017, ongoing1Higher Ed
Children’s Medical Center of Dallas HIPAA Violations, spanning several years, Data Breach2010, 2013$3,200,00020176262Healthcare
Southeastern Oklahoma State UniversityTrans-gender Discrimination2010$1,000,00020171Heathcare
University of California Santa CruzSexual assault2015$1,150,00020171Higher Ed
Kansas State UniversitySexual assault, Title IX2014$395,00020172Higher Ed
West Virginia UniversitySexual Assault2014$100,00020171Higher Ed
University of CaliforniaHarassment, Title IX2016$80,00020171Higher Ed
AnthemData Breach - Phishing attacks and data leaks2015$115,000,000201780,000,000Healthcare
Fresenius Medical Care North AmericaHIPAA Violation2012$3,500,0002017--Healthcare
Cabrillo CollegeSexual harassment2016$350,00020171Higher Ed
Horry County Schools, South CarolinaRansomware Attack, Data2016$8,500 2016--K12
Seagate TechnologiesData Breach - Spear PhishingW-2 Enterprise Attack2015$8,008,000 201652,000IT
Epic Health ServicesOSHA fine from Sexual Assault2016$98,000 2016--Healthcare
Kantar GroupW-2 Enterprise Attack, Data2016$4,312,000 201628,000Data investment
Univ. of TennesseeSexual Assault2015$2,480,000 20166Higher Ed
Hollywood Presbyterian Medical CenterRansomware Attack, Data2016$17,000 2016--Healthcare
Scoular CompanyData breach - Spear Phishing2015$17,200,000 2015--Finance/Stocks
West Virginia UniversitySexual Assault by faculty2014$1,300,000 2015--Higher Ed
United States Office of Personal ManagementData Breach2014133,000,000+201521,500,000+Gov
University of ConnecticutSettlement regarding Sexual Assault Mishandling2014$1,300,000 5Higher Ed
Tehachapi Unified School DistrictDistrict "did not adequately investigate or otherwise respond" to the bullying of a gay student, resulting in student's suicide.2014$750,000 1K12
East Central UniversityRacial Discrimination2014$15,000 1Higher Ed
Rutgers UniversityRacial Discrimination2014$136,239 1Higher ED
University of IowaDisability discrimination2014$10,000 1Higher Ed
Minnewaska School District (MSD)Mishandled response to Social Media post - Settlement2014$70,000 1K12
University of ConnecticutSexual/Gender Discrimination and Retaliation2014$1,280,000 5Higher Ed
Portland State UniversityDisability discrimination2014$161,500 1Higher Ed
Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in BrooklynNumerous incidents of workplace violence that lead to no action or resolve2014$78,000 40Healthcare
University of TennesseeAge Discrimination, Sexual/Gender Discrimination2014$320,000 1Higher Ed
University of MarylandData Breach2014309,079Higher Ed
Sterling High School District (SHSD)Mishandled response to Social Media post - Settlement2014$9000 - for legal fees1K12
Xoom Corp. / PayPalData breach - Spear Phishing2014$30,800,000 --IT
University of Colorado at BolderSexual Assault2014$800,000 --Higher Ed
Parkview (Ill.) Health SystemHIPAA Violation2014$800,000 --Healthcare
Martinsville West Middle School.School Shooting2014TBD2K12
AvMed (Gainesville, Fla.)Settlement - HIPAA related?2014$3,000,000 --Healthcare
N/aClery Act Violation2014$100,000 1Higher Ed
Snohomish School DistrictNegligence in protecting victims from a mentally ill classmate who stabbed them on-campus unprovoked2014$1,300,000 2K12
DeKalb County School District, GAVerbal and physical harassment based on national origin and religion.2013Litigation fees1K12
Yale UniversitySexual Assault Mishandling2013$155,000 4Higher Ed
Indian River Central School District, NYPhysical and verbal anti-gay harassment; plaintiffs were prohibited from forming a gay-straight alliance in high school.2013Undisclosed2K12
Malcolm Public Schools, NEPhysical and verbal harassment.2013$75,000 1K12
Onteora Central School District, NYPhysical and verbal anti-gay harassment.2013Undisclosed1K12
South Madison Community Schools, IndianaVerbal and written harassment.2013$50,000 1K12
Baltimore City Public Schools, MDPhysical assault2013$45,000 1K12
Duval County School Board, FLPhysical assault.2013$100,000 1K12
WellPoint (Indianapolis)HIPAA Violation2013$1,700,000 --Healthcare
The School Board of Palm Beach County, FloridaSexual assault.2013$1,700,000 1K12
UNCTitle IX complaint2013$600,000 1Higher Ed
Bainbridge Island School District, WASexual assault and harassment2013$300,000 1K12
UCLARacial Discrimination2013$4,500,000 1Higher ED
Maricopa Community CollegesData Breach2013$20,000,000 ThousandsHigher Ed
Affinity Health Plan (New York City)HIPAA Violation2013$1,200,000 --Healthcare
Horizon Blue Cross Blue ShieldData Breach2013$1,000,000690,000Healthcare
Alaska HHS (Anchorage)HIPAA Violation2012$1,700,000 --Healthcare
Arizona State UniversityData Breach2012300,000Higher Ed
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Massachusetts Eye and Ear AssociatesHIPAA Violation2012$1,500,000 --Healthcare
Roe School District, CAAnti-Semitic and anti-gay taunts; attempted suicide2012$1,350,000 1K12
Roe School District, CASexual assault of special needs student.2012$3,000,000 1K12
University of North Carolina, Charlotte Data Breach2012350,000Higher Ed
Robertson County Board of Education, TNPhysical assault on disabled student with Asperger syndrome2012$300,000 1K12
Racine Unified School District, WisconsinPhysical and verbal harassment.2012$15,000 1K12
Northwest Florida State CollegeData Breach2012279,000Higher Ed
N/AAverage lifetime cost per victim of nonfatal child maltreatment (which includes sexual abuse2012 $210, 012/student 3.5 million students currently in school who report physical educator sexual misconductK12
Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee (Memphis)HIPAA Violation2012$1,500,000 --Healthcare
Pine Plains Central School District, NYRacial harassment, including assault2012$1,000,000 1K12
Eugene School District, ORAnti-gay verbal and physical harassment based on perceived sexual orientation.2012$5,000 1K12
Indianapolis Public Schools, IndianaAnti-gay physical and verbal harassment2012$65,000 1K12
Irvington Board of Education, NJPhysical assault, resulting in paralysis and brain damage.2012$13,000,000 1K12
Union-Scioto Local School District, OHAnti-gay physical harassment2012$35,000 1K12
Sycamore Community School Board of Education, OHPhysical and verbal harassment based on sex, resulting in suicide2012$220,000 1K12
University of NebraskaData Breach2012654,000Higher Ed
M.R. EnterprisePhysical Assault, Workplace Violence 20121,900,0001Corporation
Scranton School District, PAVerbal harassment.2012$97,500 1K12
Pine Bush Central School District (PBCSD)Racial Discrimination2015$4,480,000 5K12
Board of Education of the Borough of Ramsey, NJPhysical assault, resulting in paralysis.2012$4,200,000 1K12
Washington State UniversityRacial Discrimination and retaliation2012$650,000 2Higher Ed
Evergreen School DistrictsNegligence2015$15,000,000 5K12
Ashland High School, WisconsinAnti-gay harassment, including assaults; plaintiff hospitalized and attempted suicide.1996$962,000 1K12
Green Local School District, OhioBullying/Harassment2015$500,000 1K12
Florida A&M UniversityHazing lead to death2015$1,100,000 1Higher Ed
Chapman UniversityRacial Discrimination2014$75,000 1Higher ED
Stanford Hospital & Clinics (California)Settlement - HIPAA related?2014$4,000,000 --Healthcare
Concentra Health Services (Addison, Texas)HIPAA Violation2014$1,700,000 --Healthcare
Cook County HospitalsWrongful death suit2014$2,250,000 1Healthcare
SonyPhysical Security Breach, Stolen Passwords and malware 2014$15,000,000 --Corp
New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia UniversityHIPAA Violation2014$4,800,000 --Healthcare
Penn StateChild Sexual Abuse2011$92,000,000 26Higher Ed
Savannah State UniversityRacial Discrimination2011$240,000 1Higher Ed
Emerson Board of Education, NJPhysical and verbal harassment based on sexual orientation2011$130,000 1K12
Cignet Health (Temple Hills, Md.)HIPAA Violation2011$4,300,000 --Healthcare
El Camino CollegeSexual Assault by boss2011$2,500,000 --Higher Ed
California School Districts x 11 (Central Unified School District (Fresno), Elk Grove
Unified School District, Kern High School District, Long Beach Unified School District, Los Angeles
Unified School District, San Bernardino City Unified School District, San Diego Unified School
District, San Francisco Unified School District, San Jose Unified School District, Santa Ana Unified
School District, and Stockton Unified School District)
Verdicts, settlements and outside counsel2010-2013$125,601,567 --K12
Aberdeen School District, WARacial harassment; anti-gay sexual harassment2010$135,000 1K12
Fargo School District, NDPhysical and verbal harassment; several attempted suicides.2010$300,000 1K12
Ohio State UniversityData Breach2010750,000Higher Ed
Blue Springs School District, MOPhysical assaults and verbal harassment resulting in suicide2010$500,000 1K12
Rite Aid (Camp Hill, Pa.)HIPAA Violation2010$1,000,000 --Healthcare
School District of Philadelphia, PANational origin harassment, including assault2010Litigation fees30K12
Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, IndianaVerbal harassment and sexual rumors2010$100,000 1K12
The City of New York, NYPhysical and verbal harassment2010$30,000 1K12
Pittsburgh Public Schools, PAHarassment based on female student's weight.2010$55,000 1K12
Newport-Mesa Unified School District, CAAnti-gay and anti-female cyberbullying; verbal threats and harassment on school grounds.2009Attorneys'¥ fees1K12
Dominican College in New YorkSexual Assault Mishandling2009$20,000 1Higher Ed
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Data Breach2009236,000Higher Ed
Hudson Area School, MISexual harassment, including assault2009$800,000 1K12
Wayne County Board of Education, TNSexual harassment, including assault2009$200,000 2K12
Gustine Unified School District, CASexual assault and hazing.2009Undisclosed1K12
CVS Pharmacy (Woonsocket, R.I.)HIPAA Violation2009$2,250,000 --Healthcare
Lenape Valley Regional Board of Education, NJRacial harassment.2009$275,000 1K12
University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences SystemWrongful death suit2009$9,000,000 1Healthcare
Kern High School District, CAPhysical assault; hazing.2009$260,000 1K12
Mohawk Central School District, NYHarassment involving gender-based stereotyping2009$75,000 1K12
Poway Unified School District, CAAnti-gay harassment and physical assault2008$421,357 2K12
Eastern Michigan UniversitySexual/Gender Discrimination2008$175,000 1Higher ED
Ball StateRacial Harassment and Retaliation2008$200,000 1Higher Ed
Eastern Michigan UniversityA host of violations, including miscoding rapes - the largest Clery fine ever 2008$350,000 --Higher Ed
California State University, at FresnoSexual/Gender discrimination2008$9,000,000 1Higher Ed
Eastern Michigan UniversityRape and Murder2008$357,000 1Higher Ed
University of Florida College of DentistryData Breach2008330,000Higher Ed
Lakewood School District, OHPhysical and verbal harassment2008Undisclosed1K12
Casey County Board of Education, KYPhysical and verbal abuse.2008$110,000 5K12
University of North CarolinaSexual Harassment2008$385,000 1Higher ED
Arizona State UniversitySexual Assault Mishandling2008$850,000 1Higher Ed
University of WisconsinReligious Discrimination2007$250,000 GroupHigher ED
University of LouisianaRacial Discrimination2007$2,000,000 1Higher ED
Virginia TechCampus Massacre2007$48,200,000 32 killed; 17 injuredHigher Ed
Spencer-Owen Community School Corporation, IndianaAnti-gay physical and verbal assault against a brother and sister2007$4,250 2K12
Hillel School of Tampa, FLPhysical assault (broken arm and permanent nerve damage).2007$600,000 1K12
University of California at BerkeleySexual/Gender Discrimination2007$3,500,000 1Higher ED
LaSalle University in Philadelphianot reporting 28 crimes, including a small number of sexual assaults2007$87,500 30Higher Ed
California State University, at FresnoSexual/Gender discrimination2007$3,500,000 1Higher Ed
University of Phoenix - Santa TeresaSexual/Gender Discrimination and Retaliation2007$225,000 1Higher ED
New Mexico State UniversityReligious Discrimination2007$165,000 4Higher ED
University of ColoradoSexual Assault Mishandling2006$2,500,000 2Higher Ed
East Haven Board of Education, CTSexual assault, harassment and suicide attempt.2006$134,423 1K12
Ohio UniversityData Breach2006300,000Higher Ed
Springfield School District, PADisability harassment, including sexual assault; and a suicide threat.2006$400,000 1K12
Pacifica School District, CAAnti-gay physical and verbal harassment due to perceived sexual orientation.2006$100,000 1K12
University of California Los AngelesData Breach2006800,000Higher Ed
New Haven Board of Education, CAAnti-gay verbal and physical harassment2006Undisclosed1K12
Tonganoxie Unified School District, KSSame-sex harassment involving gender-based stereotyping2005$440,000 1K12
Greenwich Public Schools, CTVerbal harassment.2005Litigation fees1K12
Salem International University, in West Virginiafines after never reporting a sexual offense in its Clery reports2005$200,000 --Higher Ed
University of OregonSexual/Gender discrimination2005$375,000 1Higher Ed
New York City Department of Education , NYPhysical and verbal harassment.2004$195,000 1K12
Anchorage School District, AlaskaVerbal and physical harassment; attempted suicide.2004$4,500,000 1K12
Perry Community School District, IOWAAnti-gay verbal and physical abuse.2004$27,000 1K12
Maumee Board of Education, OHAnti-gay verbal and physical harassment based on perceived sexual orientation.2003Undisclosed1K12
Morgan Hill Unified School District, CAAnti-gay harassment, including physical assaults.2003$1,000,000 6K12
Washoe County School District, NVAnti-gay harassment and physical assault2001$451,000 1K12
Visalia Unified School District, CAAnti-gay verbal and physical assaults2001$130,000 1K12
Titusville Area School District, PAAnti-gay harassment, including physical assault; attempted suicide.2001$312,000 1K12
Spencer County Public School District, KYSexual harassment, including assault2000$220,000 1K12
Board of Education of Somerset Independent Schools, KYAnti-gay verbal and physical assault2000$135,000 1K12
Pleasant Hill Public School District, MOAnti-gay physical and verbal assaults1999$72,500 1K12
Kent School District, WAAnti-gay verbal and physical harassment.1997$40,000 1K12
City of Burlington School District, VTPhysical assault and verbal harassment2012$25,000 1K12
UCLA Health (Los Angeles)HIPAA Violation2011$865,000 --Healthcare
Natrona County School District, WYPhysical and verbal harassment.2011$60,000 1K12
University of MissouriDiscrimination +2015Loss of 25% enrollment--Higher Ed
Ubiquiti Networks Inc.Data breach - Spear Phishing2015$46,700,00--IT
University of KentuckyReligious Discrimination2011$125,000 1Higher Ed
Shoreline School District, WASexual assault.2011$160,000 1K12
Rochester School Board, MinnesotaPhysical assault.2011$87,500 1K12
Anoka-Hennepin School District, MinnesotaAnti-gay harassment, including assaults2011$770,000 6K12
Ubiquity Networks IncData breach - Spear Phishing2015$46,700,000 --IT
Red Wing Public Schools, MinnesotaRacial harassment.2011$90,000 Class ActionK12
Cooper University HospitalUnsafe Work Conditions2016$55,000 15Healthcare
Carl Junction School Districtswrongful death lawsuits2015$300,000 1K12
Menifee Union School District, CAPhysical and verbal harassment.2011$25,000 2K12
General Hospital Corp./Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (Boston)HIPAA Violation2011$1,000,000 --Healthcare
State of HawaiiSexual assault and harassment.2011$5,750,000 Class ActionK12
New York UniversityRacial Harassment2011$210,000 1Higher ED

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