Preventive Intelligence is the Real Game Changer Everyone Wants (and NEEDS)

Most people have heard about Artificial Intelligence, but have you heard about Preventive Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of headlines and hype, however, the recently released book, Architects of Intelligence noted that most Artificial Intelligence experts say it could be 10, 30, 80 years, or more before Artificial Intelligence delivers artificial general intelligence.

When it comes to active assailants, active shooters, terrorists, extremists, and numerous other evil doers, waiting years and years for Artificial Intelligence is clearly not an option we can afford.

Preventive Intelligence, however, is real and making organizations and communities safer right now, but only if you have the right tools to harness and analyze the right data.

Preventive Intelligence is the missing solution after warning signs and red flags are observed, leaked, collected, and recorded by numerous incident reporting solutions. Preventive Intelligence allows for the right people to take the right actions, which isn’t happening today.

This lack of Preventive Intelligence is why schools, higher education, organizations, governments, and others are NOT intervening, disrupting, and preventing attackers and tragedies.

Preventive Intelligence is the game-changer needed so organizations can intervene, disrupt, and prevent incidents and attacks BEFORE they occur.

Research, headlines, and perhaps your personal experiences almost always reveal more than enough warning signs and red flags are being observed BEFORE an incident or tragedy occurred. BUT, because Preventive Intelligence strategies and tools are not implemented, we’re left making excuses like warning signs and red flags are “missed and ignored” or “we failed to connect the dots”.

Don’t wait for artificial intelligence, laws, incidents, and tragedies, click here to learn more about Preventive Intelligence strategies and tools that are proven, award-winning, and delivering game-changing results for schools, higher education institutions, organizations, and government entities.