Another horrific massacre at a workplace by a disgruntled employee.

Unfortunately, most responses after attacks and massacres are just more words, condolences, and thoughts and prayers.

But people want more than words. People (employees, management, family, friends, politicians, and others) around the world are calling for real solutions (actions, not more words) that stop disgruntled employees or other attackers from attacking people at their workplace. Solutions that stop students from attacking people at their schools. Solutions that stop evil doers from attacking people at concerts, houses of worship, in neighborhoods, and numerous other places.

Courtesy of Twitter.

Sadly, people continually call for lawmakers to create more laws (more words), even though we already have multiple laws (words) that clearly state killing someone is against the law. Clearly, all of these words are not stopping incidents and tragedies.

Some people share their opinions (more words) and suggest simple solutions such as creating stricter laws (more words) and fewer guns will mean fewer gun deaths. So all we need are stricter laws (more words) and fewer automobiles to reduce automobile deaths? And all we need are stricter laws (more words) and fewer drugs to reduce overdose deaths?

More than enough laws and more than enough words already exist…  what is missing is the right ACTIONS.

Since Columbine over 20 years ago, we have seen mostly words – more guidelines, more policies, more studies, more committees, more task forces, more reports, more articles, and more opinions… but WORDS ARE NOT ACTIONS.

Proven actions and proven solutions are the keys to stopping at-risk individuals from attacking people. Some out of the box research and forward-thinking strategies led to the creation of these proven actions and solutions, and these ACTIONS are preventing incidents and tragedies TODAY.

Early adopters have already taken action to implement new solutions so the right teams of people can take the right proactive ACTIONS such as collaborating, investigating, assessing, intervening, disrupting, and preventing – and the new solutions are working.

Are you a forward-thinking early adopter looking for proven solutions so you can actually DO SOMETHING to stop more incidents and tragedies?

Take ACTION now. Contact Awareity to learn how proven solutions can help you.