The First Preventers Model For Communities, Schools, and Organizations

Individuals of Concern / At-Risk Individuals Exist in the Community

(Soaring numbers of individuals of concern and at-risk individuals due to the pandemic, political division, the economy, job stability, race, hate, extremists, terrorism, and numerous other challenges.)

Incidents and Tragedies are taking place in the Community

Shootings, school violence, workplace violence, community violence, gang violence, drug violence, robberies, sexual abuse, child abuse, suicides, and numerous other incidents and tragedies.

Pre-Incident Indicators Exist in the Community

(Red flags, warning signs, concerning behaviors, behavior history, leakage, etc.)

Interventions, Disruptions, and Prevention must take place in the Community

When the right people don’t know what they need to know and what others know, the individuals of concern will not get the help and proactive intervention/prevention actions they need… and the lack of proactive actions allows escalations and unwanted incidents and tragedies to occur.

Gaps, Silos, and Disconnects exist in every Community

Research exposes how dangerous and common Gaps, Silos, and Disconnects lead to pre-incident indicators being scattered across numerous people, systems, departments, locations, organizations, social media, law enforcement, and more. When pre-incident indicators are scattered, then the right resources (below) do not know what they don’t know, don’t know what they need to know, and don’t know what others know which results in proactive preventive actions not being taken.

But only when the right team members and community resources can see the bigger picture, know what others know, and act.

The First Preventers Model offers the most effective community-wide prevention solutions available today so you can see the bigger picture and know what you need to know, but now you need to act.

Please act now to implement the First Preventers Model with visionary strategies, templates, and tools. Failing to act can put you and your community in a very risky position as violence is increasing, safety concerns are increasing, and liabilities are soaring.

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