Did you know a federal law targeting murder was passed in the Crimes Act of 1790? It stated:

“If any person or persons shall, within any fort, arsenal, dockyard, magazine, or in any other place, or district of country, under the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the United States, commit the crime of willful murder, such person or persons, on being thereof convicted, shall suffer death.”

Since 1790 it has been against the law to murder, yet we are experiencing record levels of murders and attempted murders in shootings and other acts of violence in schools, workplaces, and public spaces.

Based on data and history, it should be common knowledge that laws like the Crimes Act in 1790 and many others since then, do not “prevent” at-risk individuals and evil doers from planning and executing shootings, violence, and murders. Most of the laws identify the “consequences” for the attacker’s actions, however, when consequences are not being enforced, at-risk individuals have no fear, and we end up with record levels of shootings, violence, and murders.

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