For the last 20+ years since Columbine and 9-11 and thousands of other incidents and tragedies, billions of dollars have been invested into security solutions, response drills, and emergency training.

For the last 20+ years incidents and tragedies have been increasing, some to record levels, so are the billions of dollars in investments delivering the ROI (return on investment) people want and need for their SAFETY?

Data and legal settlements reveal costs, liabilities, and consequences with school shootings, workplace violence, and community violence as well as other incidents (suicides, overdoses, sexual abuse, trafficking, bullying, etc.) are also increasing.  So, unless you prefer being in response mode and higher costs, liabilities, and consequences, the data and legal settlements make it clear that changes and “Pre-Incident Prevention” are urgently needed.

Return on Prevention (ROP), more specifically, Return on Pre-Incident Prevention, is an impressive game-changer. The chart below shows how investments in proven and data-driven Pre-Incident Prevention solutions, like the First Preventers Framework and First Preventers Platform, can deliver enormous and life-changing returns and better SAFETY that people want and need.

To improve safety, improve your ROI, improve your ROP, and reduce costs, liabilities, consequences, contact me to see HOW the First Preventers Framework and Platform can help you create the changes that people want and need. Leaders keep saying safety is their top priority, here is your chance to prove it with proven solutions that work.     

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw