Start here if you prefer PREVENTING (over responding to) the next:

  • Shooting

  • Act of violence

  • Suicide

  • Sex assault/abuse

  • Bullying attack

  • Sexting incident

  • Human trafficking

  • Inappropriate relationship

  • Security resource/guard incident

  • And the headlines and lawsuits and other expensive consequences…

And ask yourself…

  • If schools, organizations, and communities have the solutions they need to prevent shootings, violence, suicides and numerous other incidents, why are so many incidents not prevented?

  • Do you have First Responders and Crisis Response Plan?  Do you have First Preventers and Crisis Prevention Plan?

  • Did you perform a Security Assessment to identify Security Gaps?  Did you perform a Prevention Assessment to identify Prevention Gaps?

  • Did you have an Active Shooter Response Drill?  Did you have an Active Shooter Prevention Drill?

  • Did you train on and talk about Run Hide Fight (React)?  Did you train on and talk about Collect Assess Connect (Prevent)?

  • Have Security Cameras ever prevented a shooter or just recorded the shooting for forensics? Are you utilizing Walking Talking Surfing Cameras?

  • Have you noticed how Warning Signs were always observed and reported BEFORE incidents occurred?

Post-Event research across all industries, organizations, and communities reveals the biggest security and safety failures and their common denominators.

Virginia Tech Shooting (2007)

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Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center (2014)

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WDBJ On-Air Shooting (2015)


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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (2018)

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Event YearIncident NameDid Law Enforcement KNOW?Did Community Members KNOW?Did The RIGHT People KNOW what the others knew?Was Escalation Prevented?
2017Ft. Lauderdale Airport ShootingYesYesNoNo
2016Brussels bombingsYesYesNoNo
2016Des Moines Police ShootingsYesYesNoNo
2016Orlando nightclub shootingYesYesNoNo
2016Berlin Market attackYesYesNoNo
2015San Bernardino attackYesYesNoNo
2015November 2015 Paris attacksYesYesNoNo
2014Fort Hood ShootingYesYesNoNo
2013Boston Marathon bombingsYesYesNoNo
2011Tucson shooting (Congresswoman Giffords)YesYesNoNo
2009Fort Hood ShootingsYesYesNoNo
2007Virginia Tech ShootingYesYesNoNo
2001September 11 AttacksYesYesNoNo

Q: What is the Common Denominator? 

A: The Pieces of the Puzzle (concerning behaviors, suspicious activities, pre-incident indicators, warning signs, etc.) remain scattered across community members and across the social media community, which is why Prevention fails again and again.

It does not matter what industry you are part of, the data shows the same common denominators, gaps, and silos that need to be eliminated as soon as possible so your organization and community can collect and connect the dots on a community-wide basis – because warning signs are scattered across the community, resources are scattered across the community, and you need a community-wide solution to collect and connect the dots.

Awareity’s Community-wide Fusion Platform:

  • Eliminates common gaps
  • Provides critical tools for Preventing
  • Provides valuable tools for Recovering

Client Testimony: 

“The ‘basic goal’ has already been reached, where a tip led police to prevent a potential active shooter incident. Other tips have helped officers stop fights before they happen and intervene in drug deals. And the system has cross- checking capability that links reports about the same individual, even if they take place weeks or months apart.” – Awareity Client

“Very user-friendly, and friendly staff! TIPS has helped us and our community. We have brought you (the Awareity staff) live to help us through training and demonstrations. We all need to be aware and prevent critical incidents like those that other communities have been through.” – Awareity Client

“The collaboration of the many people involved in this process has already proven that when information is obtained and acted upon – great things can happen.” – Awareity Client

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