Connecting The Dots in Higher Education


These Higher Education Institutions all had the conventional controls, and still experienced lawsuits, scandals, and tragedies. What they didn’t have is a proven Connecting the Dots Platform.

Do you want to end up on this chart?

Awareity’s Connecting the Dots Platform equips your institution to

collect, assess, and connect the dots from multiple individuals, departments, locations, and silo systems PLUS it equips your Threat Assessment Team (TAT) to meet national, state, and federal guidelines… the other systems can’t say the same!

Did you know FERPA and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) states, the threat assessment files (investigations, interviews, etc.) should be kept separate from systems that are student records/conduct systems under the Law Enforcement Unit Records outlined in FERPA and the Virginia State Law and ANSI?

Awareity’s Connecting the Dots Platform helps to meet this requirement by serving a very different purpose than Student Record Systems or Student Conduct Systems (like Maxient). Awareity’s Connecting the Dot Platform is not a replacement for these types of systems, we simply make them better.

Are you ready to connect the dots and prevent rather than react?

Contact us today to find out if you qualify for a complimentary assessment of your organization’s Prevention Strategies. Our Experts will walk-through Awareity’s Connecting the Dots Platform to show what is possible plus how to save lives, reputations, and your bottom line from unwanted and unbudgeted incidents.



Download webinar slides here. 

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