Effective Prevention is Pre-Incident Prevention

Pre-Incident Prevention is the most effective, most forward-looking solution for improving people’s safety, trust, and freedom to go out and about. Pre-Incident Prevention involves people recognizing and utilizing the Pre-Incident Indicators exhibited by At-Risk individuals so Pre-Incident Intervention actions can be taken before the At-Risk individual(s) escalate and show up ready to execute their plan.

Think of it this way, organizations are spending thousands/millions on software to engage cameras, to see what cameras recorded, to detect gun shots, and to detect guns but spending little to none on empowering their greatest assets to help before the cameras and detectors catch the aftermath.

Awareity delivers software that empowers (more than just engaging) people to help others so the right people can see the bigger picture to intervene with at-risk people so Pre-Incident Prevention actions can take place before they escalate and show up at your front door.

Pre-Incident Prevention is possible with Awareity’s forward-looking First Preventers solutions:

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