Paying for Prevention

For some schools, organizations, and communities the biggest challenge of implementing Awareity’s proven services and solutions is funding the project.

While our pricing is designed to be affordable and scales to meet the needs of everyone from small rural schools with 200 students, to large campuses with thousands of students across multiple locations, to corporations with thousands of employees across multiple countries, we understand that budgets may already be set for a given year or more. Unfortunately, incidents and tragedies don’t wait for new budgets.

Because of increasing stressors and grievances there are more at-risk individuals than ever before leading to more and more incidents and tragedies, it’s so important to us that your school, organization, or community be able to implement these game-changing services, solutions, and tools as soon as possible. To help make that a reality, we want to highlight some of the grants and other funding options that our clients have successfully used to purchase the first year of service (and sometimes more!).

Fundraising on GoFundMe with First Preventers

To help make proactive prevention a reality, First Preventers wants to help you fundraise the funds you need to get started without all the budget hassles! They have put together an opportunity to take the guess work out of fundraising as well as allow donations to be tax deductible. Click here to learn more.

First Preventers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2019. Through donations, fundraising, and grants, First Preventers helps to provide schools, organizations, and communities with access to the trailblazing First Preventers Program and other expert partnerships in order to create a safer space for students, employees, community members, and others by preventing more incidents and tragedies before they happen.


The table below includes some helpful links for schools, organizations, and communities who are looking for grants and/or other funding options to help pay for Awareity’s Connecting the Dots Platform, training options, and additional services provided.

If a grant is no longer active, the link included will provide information on when a future grant cycle may be available as well as provide links to other similar grant opportunities that may be available. Many of these links also offer a way for individuals to sign up to be notified of future opportunities.

Note: Awareity does not sponsor any of these grants or direct their support for or against any of the organizations on this list. It is simply a list of known grant opportunities that Awareity’s solutions could qualify for or have qualified for successfully in the past. If you have any additional questions or need additional information to apply for a grant opportunity, please feel free to contact us.

Grant NameApplication Due DateIndustryLocationMore Information
NRA School Shield® GrantsOngoingK12NationalClick here
COPS GrantsOngoingCommunityNationalClick here
GSEM Grant ProgramOngoingK12
Higher Education
NationalClick here
OSSS Grant Program(s)OngoingK12
Higher Education
NationalClick here

Private Funding or Donations

Private funding from local organizations, non-profits, and other sources may also be an option if your organization doesn’t qualify for grants or the grant cycle is closed. Many local organizations such as Rotary Clubs, United Way chapters, and other non-profits are looking to invest in ways to make their community a safer and better place, reach out to them to see if you can partner together on the program. We even have a way to feature them on your customized landing page!

Does your school or organization sell advertisements or sponsorship options (newsletters, sports field signage, etc.)? Perhaps a local organization would rather their logo or ad get display year-round to everyone who visits your landing page to make a report, the good news is that they can!

Awareity’s clients have been very successful at partnering with local organizations in order to make their communities safer, so if you have an idea, we’d be glad to help you get the information you need.

Other Funding Options

There are new funding options that present themselves all the time, so if you have an idea, but need help putting together the concept in order to present it, let us know, we’re always here to help!

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