Game-Changing Role Changes for CFOs and CEOs – White Paper

A World-Changing Resource!

The rate of change in health care (and the world) is accelerating as are the challenges, consequences, and “costs” associated with negative headlines, cyberattacks/ransomware, workplace violence, nurse violence, patient violence, lawsuits, reputation damage, patient satisfaction/HCAHPS, community violence, and numerous other incidents in health care organizations and their communities.

No one can know what they don’t know. However, when it comes to Preventing, what you don’t know can result in lives being lost, futures being ruined, reputations being damaged, and bottom lines being decimated by millions of dollars of costs due to response and long-term lawsuits/settlements. The most successful health care organizations will be the ones led by CFOs and CEOs who are willing to nd out what they don’t know and then take immediate advantage of new awareness and new game-changing solutions to Prevent expensive and embarrassing incidents, lawsuits, and tragedies that otherwise lead to costly consequences and threaten long-term sustainability and profitability.

Not understanding and not Preventing means you and other C-Level leaders will be responding and reacting to the overwhelming negative emotions, stresses, pains, and challenges that go with trying to explain to employees, families, friends, and clients why you failed to prevent preventable events. Preventing is a choice and Preventing is game-changing.

Failing to Prevent means you and other C-Level leaders will be responding, reacting, and then explaining to Board Members, shareholders, federal investigators, media, and attorneys why you failed to prevent preventable events. It’s your choice, Prevent or take your chances with losing big?

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