Pre-Incident Prevention – Critically Missing and Critically Needed

Pre-Incident Prevention is accomplished by utilizing the pre-incident indicators that are almost always available (and always talked about after an incident) as well as sources and resources that are almost always available to proactively intervene, disrupt, and prevent incidents and tragedies (shootings, school violence, workplace violence, community violence, suicides, sexual abuse, human trafficking, etc.) BEFORE the incident/attack occurs.

Most agree that way too many Incidents and tragedies (shootings, school violence, workplace violence, community violence, suicides, sexual abuse, human trafficking, etc.) are occurring, and even increasing in many schools, organizations, and communities. So WHAT is missing? (see below)




"Pre-Incident Prevention"

"Incident Response"

"Incident Recovery"

Pre-Incident Indicators


Crisis Plan

Incident Reporting


Disaster Recovery Plan


Security Guards

Emergency Response


Shot Detection

Lessons Learned

Silo Systems

Access Controls


Team Meetings

Mass Notifications

Post-Incident Trauma

Individual Investigations

Ballistic Shelter

Regulatory Review

TAT/BTAM/BIT (organization)

Security Cameras

Legal Review

CTAT/CBTAM/CBIT (community)

Panic Buttons

Mental Health

Experts (limited)

Experts (lots)
(security, law enforcement, etc.)

Experts (lots)
(emergency, disaster, etc.)

Pre-Incident Prevention Assessment

Security Assessment

Recovery Assessment

Pre-Incident Prevention Training

Incident Response Training

Recovery Training

Active Shooter Prevention Drill

Active Shooter Response Drill

Active Shooter Recovery Drill

Pre-Incident Prevention Strategies and Tools

Incident Response
Strategies and Tools

Incident Recovery
Strategies and Tools

The BENEFITS of Pre-Incident Prevention are significant.

no incident

no incident response

no added costs of responding to the incident

no trauma

no negative incident headlines

no lawsuits

no settlements

no insurance claims

no added costs of recovering from the incident

no lost business

no long-term consequences

no reputation damages

no short-term or long-term interruptions

no life-long feelings of regret

no news media scrutiny of leadership

no investigations into failures

Pre-Incident Prevention is Critically Needed

Pre-Incident Prevention reduces costs, consequences, liabilities, and saves lives, reputations, and bottom lines for schools, organizations, and communities.

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