If the RIGHT People Don’t Know…Prevention Fails

Event YearIncident NameDid Law Enforcement KNOW?Did Community Members KNOW?Did The RIGHT People KNOW what the others knew?Was Escalation Prevented?
2017Ft. Lauderdale Airport ShootingYesYesNoNo
2016Brussels bombingsYesYesNoNo
2016Des Moines Police ShootingsYesYesNoNo
2016Orlando nightclub shootingYesYesNoNo
2016Berlin Market attackYesYesNoNo
2015San Bernardino attackYesYesNoNo
2015November 2015 Paris attacksYesYesNoNo
2014Fort Hood ShootingYesYesNoNo
2013Boston Marathon bombingsYesYesNoNo
2011Tucson shooting (Congresswoman Giffords)YesYesNoNo
2009Fort Hood ShootingsYesYesNoNo
2007Virginia Tech ShootingYesYesNoNo
2001September 11 AttacksYesYesNoNo