Rick Shaw founded Awareity in 2004 and founded First Preventers in 2019 and is a Proactive Prevention Expert, author, speaker, and trusted advisor to leaders, organizations, and communities all across the globe.

For 20+ years Rick has been researching post-incident reports, lawsuits, and lessons learned to identify the profile of thousands of failed prevention efforts with violence, shootings, suicides, sex abuse, and numerous other incidents. Rick’s research exposed a profile of dangerous gaps, silos, and disconnects that conventional status quo practices have created.

Using the research he identified the 6 Stages of Preventing Model, the first of its kind First Preventers Model, and the Community-wide Prevention Platform with the tools to eliminate these dangerous gaps, silos, and disconnects so threat assessment teams, organizations, and communities can prevent more incidents, tragedies, and other costly consequences, saving lives, reputations, and bottom lines. Now he’s sharing tips with you!

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