Pre-Incident Prevention – The Missing and Critically Needed Solution

For most organizations the focus has been on the Incident (response) and the Post-Incident (recovery) phases.  Thousands of experts for Incident response (security, law enforcement, etc.) and Post-Incident recovery (emergency management, disaster recovery, etc.) are available to provide security/risk assessments, plans, procedures, products, etc. Billions of dollars are spent every year on Incident and Post-Incident solutions (security products, security personnel, recovery, etc.), however, something is still missing because incidents, shootings, and tragedies are still increasing.

To stop incidents, shootings, and tragedies from occurring, Pre-Incident Prevention experts and solutions are needed. Pre-Incident Prevention is not happening by adding more laws, more incident reporting, more threat assessment teams (TATs, BITs, BTAMs, WPV, etc.) and more people pointing out how “pre-incident indicators” were missed and/or ignored.

During my 20+ years of researching thousands of failed prevention efforts in schools, higher education, organizations, and communities… nearly every failed prevention had pre-incident indicators, sources, and resources, but failed due to the lack of Pre-Incident Prevention experts, tools, and strategies.

Pre-Incident Prevention experts, tools, and strategies are needed to eliminate hundreds of common gaps, silos, and disconnects as well as myths, misunderstandings, and lack of awareness challenges that currently exist in nearly every school, higher education institution, organization, and community.

Don’t wait until an incident, shooting, or tragedy occurs and all of the costly consequences with incident response, post-incident recovering, lost lives, ruined lives, reputation damages, lost trust, reputation damages, lawsuits, settlements, and insurability issues that follow.

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Rick Shaw – Pre-Incident Prevention Expert/Coach

Author – The First Preventers Playbook


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