What is TIPS?

TIPS (Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services) is an innovative platform of web-based tools designed to empower individuals, organizations, and communities to confidentially and anonymously report “pieces of the puzzle” (harmful student concerns, weapons, drug/alcohol use, gangs, harassment or intimidation, vandalism, physical/sexual assaults, threats of violence, suicide risk, abuse workplace violence, and others).

Once reports are made, TIPS provides a central and secure system for Threat Assessment Teams (TATs), organizations, or communities to proactively investigate the concern, objectively assess the situation, track and document all actions taken and monitor students with ongoing follow-ups and reminders.

TIPS is not just an incident reporting solution; TIPS is a comprehensive risk management and prevention platform that ensures all incident reports get to the right people in the right places at the right time with the right documentation so people can do the right things…right now!

TIPS has been implemented with great success hundreds of schools, organizations, and communities across the US and Canada, ask us how you can do it too!

Why is the Vault needed?

Disruptive Innovation is needed to recover from, prevent, and analyze disruptive incidents.

Traditional security hardware and procedures such as the installation of bullet proof glass, mass notification systems, camera, drills, policies, and silo-creating procedures are reactive in nature, meaning they are only used when reacting to an active threat already at your doorstep.

TIPS allows organizations and communities to prevent incidents, avoid escalation of events, track trends, reduce liability, and ultimately save lives, reputations, and bottom lines.

Disruptive Innovation is needed now! Don’t wait until tragedy strikes, TIPS can help your organization or community become more aware of your existing GAPS so you can get more pieces of the puzzle which allow you to PREVENT disruptive incidents.

How does it work?

  • Anonymous Reporting
    • Anonymity is key.
    • Each organization or community places a  TIPS Report Incident button directly on their website in an easy to find location. Anyone with information to report can access the button anytime, anywhere, and anonymously to submit a report.
    • Awareity Client: “One person was arrested after the location he was staying at in the community was reported to the TIPS line. There have also been tips reported of from anonymous teens who reported concerns for friends who had been posting comments on social media concerning suicide.”
  • Fully manageable/customizable
    • All incident types and report forms are customized so organizations and communities can gain the most relevant information. TIPS allows customization for the types of incidents reported, report forms/questions, locations, and all notification messages. Reporters can also upload pictures, videos, and documents with report (i.e. a video of violent behaviors or screenshot of cyber bullying comments made on Facebook).
  • TIPS Surveys
    • Organizations and communities can utilize a number of survey templates or create customized surveys to gauge opinions on anything from safety feedback to policy changes to service preferences. Then the TIPS platform will compile all survey submissions into one easy to analyze report.
  • Real-Time Report Dashboard
    • All team members can easily access all new and existing reports with the ability to prioritize incident report response, view reports by location, date/time, etc.
  • TIPS Incident Tracking and Documentation
    • Once an incident is submitted, team members are instantly notified via e-mail and are then able to sign into the secure TIPS Platform and review all report details. All actions taken are time stamped and documented which allows organizations and communities to track all steps taken in an investigation, provide legal due diligence, and easily manage and locate reports in the future. Team members can view the actions and intervention steps taken by others on the team to improve coordination and communication efforts ongoing.
  • Larger Picture Assessment
    • TIPS allows safety team members to view a comprehensive picture of behavior by viewing other reports involving the same individuals and longitudinally tracking the threat level over time.
  • TIPS Awareness Training/Certification
    • Award-winning security awareness training modules are available. Users are required to certify annually. The AAV/TIPS Platform automates reminders, past due notifications, certification resets, etc. so no extra time is spent on countless e-mails, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Community-wide Involvement
    • Easy to incorporate third-party experts such as legal, law enforcement, mental health, IEP teams, etc. if incident warrants or escalates.
    • Awareity Client: “The collaboration of the many people involved in this process has already proven that when information is obtained and acted upon – great things can happen.” 
  • Security/Privacy
    • No software, no hardware, no firewalls, and no patches to install. The TIPS Platform is a web-based Software-as‐a‐Service (SaaS) application. All access is via SSL‐secured web browsing with encrypted data in transit. Organizations and communities determine what level of access each administrator or end‐user has based on their roles.

Reporting and Data

TIPS provides ongoing analysis utilizing Preventive Analytics (trend tracking of spikes in reporting, high priority incidents, problem locations, at-risk individuals and more). With TIPS, the safety team can connect related reports over time, eliminating common silos and disconnects between your people, multiple locations, departments, etc. All team members can easily locate and share documented actions taken during incident resolution for legal due diligence and use on-demand reports to verify personnel acknowledgments of training, policies, procedures, etc.

Why did Awareity create the Vault?

Troubling gaps exist in organizations and communities today, places where information and knowledge stop or don’t get shared. These gaps are missed opportunities to prevent tragedies. TIPS was developed to eliminate these dangerous disconnects.

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