Virginia State Contract – VA-120611-AWAR

Security Awareness/Risk Management/Policy Management

The MOAT/TIPS web-based platform from Awareity was selected by VITA as an enterprise-wide solution for security awareness/risk/policy management. With the Virginia State Contract, the Enhanced Vault has been reduced from $8/User per year to $7/User per year (Standard Vault remains $4/User).

Along with award-winning security awareness training modules (and free modules for FERPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS), MOAT equips organizations with tools they need to upload their own documents and content into their confidential Awareness Vault to ensure they are getting the right information to the right people in the right places at the right time so people can do the right things. In addition, MOAT equips administrators with the tools they need to track accountability and access documentation in real-time for annual certifications, audits and accreditations. The MOAT Awareness Vault is an award-winning risk management and prevention platform to ensure situational awareness and accountability for mounting compliance obligations across your entire organization including: HR, IT, Emergency Management, Safety, Ethics, Operations, Workplace Violence, Ethics, Whistleblower and numerous other obligations.

MOAT equips Commonwealth of Virginia organizations with the right tools for meeting multiple requirements such as SEC-501, ISO-27001, PCI, FACTA Red Flag Rule and others that are NOT satisfied by general security awareness training alone. MOAT provides more than a link to your policies; with MOAT you can track employee and third-party acknowledgements required by state and federal mandates to ensure your organization’s customized policies, procedures, roles and role-specific training are getting to the right people with the right documentation and all is accessible in one easy-to-access environment.

MOAT offers several advantages over silo-based training solutions including INCIDENT REPORTING tools for individuals to report suspicious activities and red flags as well as tracking actions taken to prevent preventable incidents with Clery Act, OSHA, workplace violence, harassment, bullying, weapons, drug/alcohol abuse, threats to harm, ethics/fraud, etc.

Below is a comprehensive list of MOAT/TIPS features available on the new state contract.

Awareness Vault – allowing organizations to manage, update, securely share and communicate required and organization‐specific policies, procedures, plans, roles, responsibilities and customized training to only those assigned and appropriate individuals. The MOAT/TIPS Platform enables administrative personnel to easily manage, update, track and document that all employees “and third‐parties” continuously review, understand and acknowledge those policies, procedures, plans, roles and responsibilities that apply to them. Organizations can also use MOAT/TIPS organization-wide allowing department managers from IT, Safety, Risk Management, Legal, HR, Emergency Management, Student Services, etc. each control their own departments and share policies and procedures with appropriate personnel. MOAT Administrators can also utilize Awareness Vault tools to create T/F or Multiple Choice Questions to test each User’s understanding of policies, training and other documents.

Annual Certifications Automated and Tracked at Individual Level – The Awareness Vault is perfect for automating annual certifications and acknowledgements of accountability at the individual‐level for all types of documents, policies, agreements, situational awareness, etc. Many other training platforms require manual reminders which are expensive and not as effective. MOAT equips organizations to customize automated reminder days, past due notifications, etc. and automate the process ongoing to save administrators valuable time and resources. Supervisors can also be assigned to each User account so automated notifications are sent to Supervisors to help ensure Users are completing all assigned requirements on time. As annual certifications come due (regulations require many training/policies/processes are required to be acknowledged annually), MOAT will automatically send updates to each individual User and track their progress.

Real-Time Reporting – On-demand progress and compliance reports are available to Administrators to track real‐time status of Certified Users, User Progress, document acknowledgement status, user activity, etc.

Audit‐Ready and Legal‐Ready Documentation – The MOAT/TIPS Platform provides critically needed documentation for compliance audits, examinations, accreditations, internal controls, risk reviews, personnel performance reviews and legal due diligence obligations.

Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services (TIPS) – TIPS is the most innovative and easiest way for students, parents, employees, third‐parties and community members to securely report suspicious incidents or red flags (information breaches, bullying, threats, fraud, violence, drugs, weapons, etc.). Incident Report notifications are automatically and immediately sent to each person on the appropriate Response Teams (ISOs, IT, Student Services, law enforcement, Administrators, mental health, first responders, etc.) to help ensure a quick, timely and documented investigation and response. The TIPS incident management system offers the most comprehensive suite of tools available to equip team members with the tools they need to document actions, coordinate intervention, set‐up automated reminders and follow‐ups, search for related incident reports, search previous reports and securely communicate with internal teams and third‐parties. The TIPS/Incident Management for internal reporting is available with the Enhanced Vault for Virginia clients.

Surveys and Risk Assessments – Organizations can create customized and anonymous surveys using the TIPS Incident Reporting tools to gather critically needed information from employees, students, parents, staff, third‐parties, community resources, etc.

Customer Support – While the MOAT/TIPS system is fully customizable and manageable by each organizational administrator, Awareity’s Support services receive lots of excellent comments and feedback for excellent User Support services with password management, access management, etc. Users can contact with any questions they which saves each organization valuable time and money on their internal Help Desk resources. Awareity also provides comprehensive Administrator support and ongoing newsletter updates such as MOAT Notes and Tips for TIPS.

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