Lessons Learned Review…Keeping You Out of the Headlines and out of this blog…

Please take a moment to consider how these Lessons Learned could be implemented by managers within your organization to avoid expensive and embarrassing situations…

DDoS Attacks On Twitter, Facebook Result Of Massive Attack On One Person

A pro-Georgian blogger called “Cyxymu” was apparently the intended target of the massive DDoS attack that knocked down Twitter and caused major slowdowns on Facebook and LiveJournal.  A botnet blasted waves of traffic at the blogger’s accounts on the sites simultaneously.

File Sharing Banned on Government Networks

 Rep. Edolphus Towns introduced a bill to ban file-sharing software from all government and contractor computers and networks due to the recent disclosures of sensitive government and personal information.

Internet Hackers Steal $219K from City Bank Account

Internet hackers cracked into the City of Sherwood’s bank account and took $219,000 from the city’s checking account at Eagle Bank.  The illegal withdrawal happened in December 2008, but the FBI warned the city not to say anything at the time.

LA Fitness Center Shooting In Pennsylvania Leaves 4 Dead

A man entered the L.A. Fitness Club, turned out the lights on a aerobics class filled with women, and opened fire with three guns, killing three women and wounding nine others before committing suicide.

U.S. Bank Failures Rise to 72 With Collapses in Florida and Oregon

U.S. bank failures rose to 72 in 2009 with the collapse of two lenders in Florida and one in Oregon.  Regulators are closing banks at the fastest pace in 17 years as losses mount from unpaid real-estate debt.

Court rules employer did not violate workers’ privacy

The California Supreme Court ruled that an employer that installed a hidden camera in an employee office did not invade the workers’ privacy because the camera was turned on only when the workers were away.  This decision left privacy rights intact for employees in the workplace, but made it possible for courts to throw out lawsuits before trial if surveillance was limited and conducted for legitimate purposes.

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