New Hampton School, a selective boarding school located in the in the foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains,
has implemented Awareity’s TIPS platform to improve faculty and staff support and communications.

Founded in 1821, New Hampton School has a philosophy based on two values: respect and responsibility. Healthy
relationships between students and adults and educating the whole student are paramount in the community.
In order to build those positive adult relationships, one of the School’s major initiatives has recently been to become one of the most desirable independent schools to work for. Through careful consideration of employee work load, targeted allocation of financial and non‐financial compensation, and a continuing commitment to professional
development, and professional culture, New Hampton provides their students with a dedicated and superior faculty
and staff.

New Hampton School has always encouraged employees to discuss issues of concern with their supervisors or a
member of Administration. However, should there be an incident that an employee is not comfortable discussing in
person, the TIPS platform now provides a tool to report such issues electronically online. TIPS also allows employees to report anonymously if they do not choose to identify themselves by name.

All incidents of concern remain confidential to the extent possible and the individual reporting is only contacted
should there be a need to do so in order to further investigate the incident. TIPS provides employees with a secure
way to share incidents of concern and is helping New Hampton engage their employees and build trust that all
concerns are proactively addressed. Once a report has been submitted using the online report form, appropriate
personnel are immediately notified and can login to the secure platform to review the incident details. TIPS then
provides the tools for administration to collectively investigate an incident, coordinate response efforts, track and document all actions taken, and set reminders to ensure follow‐up on each and every situation.

“TIPS is providing New Hampton School with a great tool for employees should there be a need to share concerns in order to ensure we are preventing situations from escalating,” said Director of Finance, Jill Duncan. “If necessary, we are also able to easily communicate with our outside legal team using TIPS. It’s a program that we are glad to have in place and hope employees never have to use”.

About Awareity:
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Katie Johnson