Albert Einstein said:

“Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.” 


I definitely agree with Albert Einstein on this quote.  When it comes to preventing incidents and tragedies in schools, colleges and organizations of all types, evidence clearly reveals our planet is in need of more geniuses.

Are you ready to be a genius?

Lots of people and experts have opinions on solving problems and let’s be honest…it is fairly easy to look at a problem and make suggestions that people need to do this or that or add more of this or more of that or do it this way or that.

With so many experts, so many books and so many programs on solving workplace violence, targeted shootings, bullying, suicides, cyber harassment, sex abuse, child abuse and numerous other threats, why are so many threats still occurring and even increasing in our schools, colleges and organizations?

We need more geniuses.  We need more proactive prevention.

In a recent meeting, one of our bright young employees made an interesting observation when we were talking about the differences between “reactive response” and “proactive prevention”…she said – “Maybe people do not really understand what preventing involves?”

Perhaps she was right.  Stay tuned for upcoming blogs on proactive prevention and what it involves.  It should be fun and valuable for everyone who wants to be a genius.