Post-incident reports and overwhelming evidence-base data validate most incidents (from data breaches to policy violations to violence) and tragedies were PREVENTABLE.

However, even with all these lessons learned, the same common gaps and disconnects lead to more and more failed prevention efforts. Failure to “collect, assess and connect the dots” across multiple locations, departments, silos and individuals make it difficult for organizations to proactively and predictively prevent incidents, lawsuits and tragedies.

Whether you are just starting your risk management planning process or reviewing your current capabilities, Awareity’s experienced team can provide the expertise and advice to improve your prevention efforts and protect your reputation and your bottom line and improve efficiencies throughout your organization.

Awareity’s Prevention Assessment will provide a framework for discussion and a high-level understanding of the potential risks facing your school or organization. Upon answering a series of multiple choice questions, you will receive a tailored prevention insight report that will help identify internal and external gaps and disconnects that research has shown to have an impact on your ability to prevent incidents and tragedies. Developed using over 30 years of threat assessment and prevention experiences and evidence-based data, this Prevention Assessment can help your organization expose gaps, disconnects and myths that could be putting your organization and your people at serious risk.

Don’t wait until after an expensive, embarrassing or even tragic incident has occurred. To receive your complimentary report, request your assessment today.

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