Fifteen years after 9-11-2001 we still honor all First Responders for their responses and we remember the tragic losses of 265 people on four planes, 2,606 people in the World Trade Center and 125 people at the Pentagon…and we honor the losses to their family and loved ones too.

Fifteen years later, we have learned there are tens of thousands of people who responded and worked at ground zero who are now coping with long-term health effects including physical ailments and complications from mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorders. We also learn about the ongoing suffering and struggles of the health effects have on their family and loved ones.

Question: Wouldn’t we be better off “Preventing” the attacks, the costly and tragic losses, and the ongoing long-term health effects plaguing First Responders?

Answer: YES!


Question: Safe to say everyone agrees “Preventing” makes more sense… but is “Preventing” possible?

Answer: YES!

“Preventing” is clearly and definitely possible according to extensive evidence and research.

Disconnects in awareness and not knowing what you don’t know, are key reasons “Preventing” seems impossible to so many people. I speak all over the country and most people tell me they do not have time or can’t make the time to review the evidence from hundreds of lessons learned and post-event reports.

I do the research and I want to share it with you so you can make your organization safer!

To eliminate disconnects in awareness, you can now be notified, and immediately access summaries of post-event reports and lessons learned by joining the “Connecting the Dots Blog” (sign up using the subscription box on the right!). The first step in “Preventing” is understanding how “Preventing” is possible and then understanding what needs to happen for “Preventing” to take place in your organization or community. Now you can!

Remember, the 9-11 Commission Report found that the 9-11-2001 attacks were preventable, but evidence reveals organizations, communities, and nations will continue to fail until they:

  • Eliminate dangerous disconnects in awareness and understanding
  • Eliminate the disconnects caused by silos (layers, departments, egos, turf wars, etc.)
  • Eliminate outdated strategies focused primarily on defense, response and recovery
  • Understand the difference between “First Responders” and “First Preventers
  • Equip First Preventers with the right tools to collect and put “pieces of the puzzle” together
  • Equip First Preventers with the right tools to Intervene and Prevent

puzzle-1020221_640If you are not “Connecting the Dots”, you are not collecting the pieces of the puzzle, you are not putting the pieces together, and you are not Preventing.

This 15th Anniversary of 9-11 provides all the validation you should need to join the “Connecting the Dots Blog” to start seeing and understanding what evidence and lessons learned you could be using to PREVENT future attacks and costly consequences… don’t wait for the next tragedy… take action and click here now to get more information.