ONGOING PATCHING is one of the BEST ways to prevent expensive and embarrassing information security breaches.

Equifax failed to PATCH a server and it led to 143 million of Americans (perhaps even you and me) having their sensitive information exposed to cybercriminals.

Two top Equifax IT executives have stepped down (and were called out by name in negative headlines) because they failed to make sure the ONGOING PATCHING of their servers took place in a timely manner to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Equifax is just one of thousands of organizations that have failed to make sure ONGOING PATCHING is taking place.

A Google security veteran added her thoughts on patching:

Google security veteran Heather Adkins warned artificial intelligence powered cyberdefenses aren’t at the capacity to thwart cyber attacks adding that companies are better off paying a bunch of junior engineers to patch vulnerabilities all day.

ONGOING PATCHING is not just for Servers. ONGOING PATCHING applies to People too.

Here’s the thing… year after year reports from cybersecurity leaders like IBM and Verizon continue to tell us the weakest links are your PEOPLE… so what is your ONGOING PATCHING solution for your weakest links?

Let me ask that again… What is your ONGOING PATCHING solution for your weakest links?

Thousands of organizations have had their PEOPLE HACKED (phishing, spear phishing, social engineering, business e-mail compromise, etc.) and suffered expensive and embarrassing information security breaches because they failed to PATCH their PEOPLE on an ONGOING basis.

The “Dam Analogy” graphic below is a perfect one.  Even though organizations continue to add more and more cybersecurity products (stones) hoping to stop information security breaches, they are failing at ONGOING PATCHING of their weakest links (leading to the leaks) and they continue to get breached/hacked (the dam fails).

Another way of looking at it… the lack or failure of ONGOING PATCHING for PEOPLE leads to two types of organizations:  the ones that have been hacked and the ones that will be hacked.

If you are the CEO or a Board Member of an organization and ultimately responsible/liable for the failures and negative headlines, the BEST ways to prevent expensive and embarrassing information security breaches is the ONGOING PATCHING of your PEOPLE AND the ONGOING PATCHING of your Servers and Technology (Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Ransomware, and other IT related software).

To learn more about the BEST ONGOING PATCHING for People solution (which is NOT annual information security awareness training sold by other vendors), click here now to download the guide, Why Is Cybercrime Exploding.

Don’t wait!  Don’t end up like Equifax and thousands of other organizations… take action right now!

ONGOING PATCHING for PEOPLE (your weakest links) is not as difficult or time-consuming as you think when you have the right tools… and the right tools cost a fraction of what you will spend dealing with expensive and embarrassing consequences and negative headlines and replacing executives…

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