Disruptive and Tragic Violence incidents are on the increase.

Violence is scary, stressful, ugly, concerning, sad, evil, expensive, frustrating, disruptive, and tragic.

Disruptive and tragic violence threatens innocent children and adults in schools, colleges, organizations, government, and communities every day… and all over the world.

Do you need more security?

How much security is enough?

What else can we do?

The questions above are part of a special guide recently released by Awareity to help you answer these questions and others too.

As pre-season football is winding down, the “real season” is about to begin and to have a successful season football teams are practicing their “game plan” to be ready for whatever the opposing teams throw at them.

The “real season” is upon every school, college, organization, government, and community… What is your “game plan” to be successful?

Download the “Need More Security?  How Much Security is Enough?” guide to find out if your game plan is ready for the “real world”.


[Guide] – Need More Security? How Much Security is Enough?

What’s your Game Plan for your defense? Is what you’re doing enough?

Request your copy of the “Need More Security? How Much Security is Enough?” guide to find out if you need more security and just how much is enough.