Major events, like the Coronavirus (COVID-19), are major problems that can lead to more major problems beyond just the scope of health and health care.

HACKERS (the Villains from the Dark Web) see major events (pandemic, sports, elections, natural disasters, etc.) as opportunities to take advantage of fears, emotions, confusion, and curiosity by sending phishing emails or fake emails to trick employees, perhaps even your employees. Recipients (your employees, staff, etc.) are tricked into clicking on web links, opening attachments, or taking actions that could lead to ransomware, viruses, business email compromises, and many other problems.

With more of your employees are working from home or teleworking in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19, technology-based protections in place at your office may no longer be effective or as effective, leaving your organization more vulnerable.

Let Awareity Help You!

The specialized tools within the Awareity Platform offer advantages, benefits, and additional ways to improve communications as new social, community, and global events occur. For example, with the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) event you should consider:

As more and more employees are out of the office it will become even more critical to make sure ALL employees (as well as consultants, vendors, third-party service providers, etc.) – no matter where they are – have immediate access to your organization’s latest updates. Just as important, you need to be able to measure employee awareness, acknowledgment, and accountability on a daily or even hourly basis – which you cannot do with emails and webpages.

To help you solve major problems, Awareity delivers award-winning services that can make it easier for everyone to make sure ongoing awareness and accountability are taking place as needed – no matter what the event or where your employees (and others) are located.