From the very beginnings of the Internet, people have been one of the most common and most targeted gaps for cyberattacks. Why? Because hackers know it is easier to hack an unaware person than it is to hack hardware and software. In fact, evidence reveals most ransomware attacks, were the result of phishing attacks where one or more unaware people were the gap that allowed the attack to succeed.

As cyberattacks continue to be more sophisticated, the costs, losses, liabilities, recovery, and other consequences associated with cyberattacks are soaring.

Cyber attackers are not only more sophisticated, but they are also constantly changing and adapting their strategies to expose gaps in your hardware, your software, and your people. And when it comes to attacking people gaps, cyber attackers are very good at piquing people’s curiosity with current and relevant topics (pandemic, politics, social issues, sports, world events, invoices, support, etc.) in their phishing, social engineering, and scamming attacks.

Once a cyberattack exposes your gaps, the attackers can:

  • Steal your data to either use themselves for other attacks or release to the public
  • Sell your data to the highest bidder, no matter who they are (even on the dark web)
  • Use ransomware to encrypt your data and hold it for a ransom payment
  • Numerous other unwanted and costly actions

What is the best way to keep ransomware and cyberattacks out?

Eliminate gaps with your people.

What is the best way to eliminate gaps with your people?

The Awareness & Accountability Vault (AAV) from Awareity.

The Awareness & Accountability Vault is the proven real-world game-changer and by far the best way to improve and maintain your people’s (employees, students, service providers, contractors, etc.) ongoing awareness of current attack methods, hacker strategies, and to eliminate those costly gaps with your people.

The Vault is NOT once a year or once a month training that people hate and just get through it to get it done.

The Vault is NOT tricking your people with fake phishing attacks that create more distrust than awareness.

The Vault WORKS because it empowers timely, ongoing awareness that creates accountability by eliminating the unawareness that leads to gaps with your people.

Delivering ongoing awareness with Phishing, Social Engineering, and Scamming attack methods, and the current and latest topics is the best way to help your people be aware of today’s challenges and to eliminate costly gaps with your people, including:

Going Back to the OfficeYour Password Is ExpiringSocial Media Account Issues
Microsoft InvoiceBank Account HoldCoupon Scams
Organization InvoiceCredit Card UsageFree Giveaways
Vendor Invoice Olympics Porn Threats
Emails in QuarantineSuper BowlAmazon Balance
Election InfoSuper Bowl CommercialsShipping/Delivery Notice
Covid-19 Health InfoWorld CupCelebrity News
COVID-19 Vaccine InfoSporting EventsPolitics
Pandemic Info HurricanesRiots/Violence
New Job InfoEarthquakesPolice Reform
Voicemail InfoVolcanosFake Charities
Your Account Is ExpiringTragedies (as they occur)Deep Fake Videos
Investment ScamsHousing ScamsOverdraft Notice Scam
Lottery ScamsIRS ScamsStudent Loan Scams
Ticket ScamsNegative Public RecordsBusiness Email Compromise
Census ScamsCourt Appearance ScamID Theft
Fake Websites Infected Attachments Many Others

How easy is it?

  1. Identify new and evolving cyberattacks impacting your organization or use resources like the one on the right.
  2. Identify articles and/or alerts you want to share.
  3. Save examples, articles, etc. as a PDF and upload to the Vault and reference current or new policies to increase awareness.
  4. Let the Vault do the rest and give you a real-time view of awareness at the individual level, similar to checking software update/version, to eliminate gaps with your people.