Getting Started

  • What is Pre-Incident Prevention?

Pre-Incident Prevention is the process of identifying Pre-Incident Indicators and then connecting and acting on them to address an escalating individual BEFORE an incident occurs.

  • Why are Pre-Incident Prevention tools and training critically needed?

According to the National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) within US Secret Service, ALL 180 attackers in 173 mass attacks exhibited “Pre-Incident Indicators” before the attacks, but communities lack appropriate tools and training to achieve Pre-Incident Prevention.

  • I already have a reporting system in my community, I’m good right?

Not quite! Collecting Pre-Incident Indicators from potentially hundreds of Community Sources from multiple reporting system options and then funneling and sharing them with only the appropriate Community Resources has a lot of challenges that conventional tools (reporting systems, emails, meetings, texts, paper, departmental systems, etc.) fail to address.

Watch the short videos below to learn more as well as learn how you can get started with Pre-Incident Prevention today!

Pre-Incident Prevention: 3 Key Questions

Pre-Incident Prevention: Budgets Before and After

Pre-Incident Prevention: Uniting Communities