Prevention gaps are leaving schools, higher education, workplaces, and communities vulnerable to more shootings, violence, suicides, corruption, sexual assaults, human trafficking, bullying, and more.

What are prevention gaps?

Prevention gaps are dangerous and way too common in schools, higher education, workplaces, and communities.  Prevention gaps keep the critically needed pre-incident indicators from the appropriate community resources who are unable to see the bigger picture about at-risk individuals and then are unable to intervene and prevent BEFORE the incident or tragedy occurs.

When you read post-incident reports and hear news stories after tragedies occur, it is frustrating to find out again and again how the at-risk individuals were exhibiting numerous pre-incident indicators that were observed by community sources.  But the dangerous prevention gaps kept all those pre-incident indicators that could have been utilized by community resources (team members, experts, first preventers, etc.) to prevent the at-risk individual from escalating on a pathway to violence or evil.

How many of these dangerous and common prevention gaps do you have?

Most people assume they have incident reporting options, they have threat assessment team(s), they have meetings, they have scheduled training… but nearly every school, higher education institution, and workplace had all of these things and still failed to prevent the at-risk individual from escalating and executing their plan.  This is because they have prevention gaps and blind spots that they cannot see and don’t know how to identify them.  Just like most people do not know how to identify cancer or other diseases, but specialists who understand these diseases know how to identify them so you can take proactive and preventive action.

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