[Disrupting Evil]

Disrupting Evil attacks on innocent students and adults in schools, organizations, and communities is possible, but disrupting evil requires immediate changes.

The recent act of evil in Parkland, Florida at Stoneman Douglas High School exposed numerous Enormous Dangerous Gaps that have already allowed hundreds of evil doers to attack schools, organizations, communities, and our nation, leading to a BIG growing problem.  How many more attacks before actions?

A BIG growing problem is how easily Physical Security (armed guards, alarms, access controls, locks, cameras, etc.) has been defeated in schools, organizations, communities, and our nation (such as 9-11 and other terror attacks).  The Big Growing Problem seems even scarier when you consider how many times Physical Security has been easily defeated by “kids” and young adults.

The Enormous Dangerous Gaps are Community-wide Gaps and Failures to Connect the Dots.  In nearly every act of evil, including the recent attack in Parkland, Florida, numerous warning signs were observed and reported days, weeks, and even months before the attack – but Community-wide Gaps and Failures to Connect the Dots allowed the evil doers to continue to plan, escalate, and execute their act of evil.

Attack-after-attack we see suspicious activities, concerning behaviors, social media leakage, and warning signs were observed and reported by students, teachers, staff, parents, social media, and others, but disrupting evil failed because of Community-wide Gaps and Failures to Connect the Dots.

Community-wide Gaps and Failures to Connect the Dots will continue to be an Enormous Dangerous Gap until school administrators, counselors, SROs, teachers, staff, trusted adults, threat assessment teams, behavioral intervention teams, organizations, local law enforcement, federal law enforcement, social service agencies, mental health agencies, and others are all equipped with a central, secure, Community-wide “Connecting the Dots” Platform to collect, assess, share, and connect the dots BEFORE evil doers escalate and execute their plan.

Attack-after-attack, state and federal lawmakers continue to recommend the SAME Physical Security solutions, the SAME See Something Say Something (SS SS) solutions, and the SAME partisan politics rather than address the Enormous Dangerous Gaps with Community-wide Gaps and Failures to Connect the Dots.

Awareity decided enough was enough and created our Community-wide “Connecting the Dots” Platform which is currently helping schools, organizations, and communities to save lives and is available NOW!

Enough is enough… if you want to start Connecting the Dots and start disrupting evil… Contact Awareity.

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