Curious how a tumor and a surgeon relate to School Safety?  Let me explain…

Would you choose a foot surgeon, a heart surgeon, or oncology surgeon to remove a tumor in your body?

No disrespect to foot surgeons or heart surgeons, but the oncology surgeon is a better choice for removing a tumor. (it was for me)

If your goal is to intervene and prevent incidents before they occur (pre-incident prevention), should you choose a Security expert (incident mitigation), a First Responder (incident response), or a Pre-Incident Prevention expert?

No disrespect to Security experts or First Responders, but the Pre-Incident Prevention expert is the better choice.

Similar to surgeons specializing in their specific areas of expertise, the same goes for different areas of expertise involving Pre-Incident Prevention, Incident Mitigation, and Incident Response.

Pre-Incident Prevention is safer and preferred by almost everyone especially compared to being forced into Incident Mitigation and Incident Response actions.  Pre-Incident Prevention is also proven to be more effective at building trust, creating unity, and helping soaring numbers of at-risk individuals who need intervention before they escalate and show up at your front door to execute their plan or attack.

When Pre-Incident Prevention is successful, your people do not have to experience all of the fears, stressors, and trauma that they would face in lockdowns, running, hiding, fighting, heavy law enforcement response, and numerous other Incident Mitigation and Incident Response actions.

One of the requirements of successful Pre-Incident Prevention is choosing a Pre-Incident Prevention expert to lead your school-wide, organization-wide, and community-wide Pre-Incident Prevention efforts to complement your existing Incident Mitigation and Incident Response efforts.

I would like to introduce you to my Pre-Incident Prevention expertise (over 20 years) and how I can help your school, higher education, workplace, and community, please fill out the form on this page and let’s set up a meeting as soon as possible.

Remember, the choice is yours, which expert are you going to choose to make your school / workplace and your community safer?