Awareity is honored to be chosen to work with the impressive community of experts that Chris Grollnek and Greg Shaffer have put together for the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP).

As a Prevention Specialist and creator of the First Preventers program, I was glad to see ASPP leading the way in Prevention, Response, and Options (P.R.O.).  The community of advisors with ASPP include a very impressive team of experts who are passionate about helping organizations (schools, higher education, workplaces, houses of worship, etc.) as well as law enforcement and communities to move beyond conventional approaches that clearly are not keeping pace with record levels of shootings, violence, acts of evil, suicides, and many other incidents.

See the ASPP community of advisors here:

Learn more about ASPP here:

Working together, our community of experts can help you make your organization and community safer.


Rick Shaw