A new study revealed an enormous patient safety gap – up to 90 percent of patient injuries, infections and other safety issues are not being recorded.   What does this mean for hospitals?  What does this mean for patients?  What does this mean for regulators? Lessons Learned:  Hospitals face serious patient safety and patient quality challenges and the key to improving patient safety will be their People – management, nurses, doctors, staff, partners, business associates, etc.  Hospitals must ensure every individual has situational awareness and accountability for better decision making and a comprehensive incident reporting and incident management platform will be critical to get theRead More →

  Despite stricter privacy and security regulations, hospitals are struggling to protect patient information.  According to a recent Ponemon Study, breaches are costing the health care industry $6 billion annually. The top three causes of breaches: Unintentional employee action Lost or stolen computing devices Third-party accidents   Lessons Learned:  Failure to protect sensitive and personally identifiable information is expensive and damaging to a health care organization’s reputation.  Organizations need to complement their general awareness with ongoing situational awareness programs to ensure all employees (and third-parties) understand their individual roles and responsibilities for protecting sensitive patient information.  With mounting regulatory changes and the move to electronicRead More →